Here Be Green Giants

Friendly Peacekeepers

“The Sagorin of Glorium attained a lofty height of eight feet, had green skin tones and a lifespan of eight centuries.

Their way of life was simple; daily chores were achieved with faces wreathed in smiles. They studied and philosophised, wrote works of great insight and value, and practiced the magic of the mind, inventing innovative tricks to amuse each other. They experimented with the sorcery of great feats, doing so within strict guidelines and, after learning a feat, shared it and went on to build upon that new knowledge.

It was in the sharing and building of sorcery that they discovered the method to attain Immortality. This was a dangerous feat employed to the detriment of the sorcerer. Shrugging, they agreed they lived long anyway.”



Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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