Sanctum 1: Nemesis Blade

Due to a change in narrator for the Nemesis Blade‘s audiobook, I had a look at the cover (to change the name) and it occurred to me to add something missing to both the audiobook cover and the eBook. So, tweaked! Do you see the added thing?? The audiobook is now in full production, and Jez Sands will (fingers crossed!) do all 4 books 🙂

Haven’t mentioned Arcana’s NFT for a while …

… so here’s a bit of an update! The token is currently priced at $4.99 to test the waters but will be going up to over $90 in a few weeks. Grab yours today! Enjoy the read (and listen and a look at the extras), keep it as part of your NFT collection or resell later.

If you’re wondering how to buy an NFT book from BGS, here’s the lowdown over on my Writing World blog, a post dedicated to the how – it’s easier than you think, promise!!