Vannis Valla of the Valleur

VANNIS Valla of the Valleur, the Vallorin, is an arrogant man who refuses to surrender his birthright to humankind. When his father is murdered, rage drives him to excess, and he becomes a warmonger of note, placing his people at risk. Eventually those he is meant to serve choose another path, and Vannis realises it is time to stop. He settles on Valaris, but it isn’t long before humans come, and the cycle starts anew. The terrible events that follow force him into living death, by choice.

A long time later, he steps forth again. Once freed, he understands it wasn’t worth it. No war, no vendetta, is worth losing love and life, never to see his son grow into a man. Vannis therefore makes new choices, but never underestimate this man. With a finger snap he is able to be again the warmonger of old. However, a surprise awaits him when he embarks upon his second chance – family he never suspected to ever find.

Vannis has changeable eyes. Valleur eyes are tawny, but Vannis’ change according to his moods; amber for happiness, blue for sadness, black for rage and green for fear and desire. The team of the present (and his subjects in the past) use the colour of his eyes to gauge his moods. He cannot, in fact, hide from anyone!

And know this: Vannis creates the Maghdim Medaillon, the magical device that will play such a large role throughout the LORE series, and doesn’t that just reveal what else this man is capable of?