Interview with Saska

(Recorded before Saska vanished for a time amid the Pilanese)


Blue: My lady, you appear sad. Why is that?

Saska: I’m sorry, Blue, I know of your work, but I really don’t think it’s anyone’s business. Besides, I have somewhere to be.

Blue: Just a few moments. You know I don’t have to write it down; it won’t take long.

Saska: Taranis has wondered how you’re able to remember everything so well.

Blue: I’m not being interviewed, am I?

Saska: Hmm. Someone should. But I don’t have the time.

Blue: I’m thinking it’s a man. Making you sad.

Saska: Loss makes us sad, friend, whether of a loved one, a way of life … hope, faith, health … many reasons.

Blue: It’s a man.

Saska: Not that I’ll tell you.

Blue: And now you run from him. Do you hope he won’t find you … or do you hope he’ll act with sufficient commitment to discover your hiding place?

Saska: Neither. Both. Argh, he drives me insane!

Blue: Who, my lady? Perhaps I could put him to the question.

Saska: Oh, good luck with that. He won’t talk.

Blue: I’m thinking now it can only be the one they are calling Enchanter who does this to you. I’m also thinking you should expect as much. An enchanter? That is a lonely calling. He will find it hard to commit to a personal relationship.  Not so?

Saska: What do you know about it?

Blue: And there you confirm my suspicion. They call him Torrullin, I hear, and his name means Lifegiver and Destroyer simultaneously. My lady, how do you hope to reach through to someone like that?

Saska: By loving him, damn it! Not that it matters! He has chosen another! She is … argh!

(Saska dematerialises at this point, her pain and anger causing her to flee. Blue is left wondering how she can create an opportunity to speak with Torrullin.)


Interview with Margus

In this session, Blue speaks to the Darak Or


(Recorded outside the entrance to the cave system contained within the Stairs Mountains on Valaris)


Blue: My lord, a word, please?

Margus: Who are you?

Blue: Folk call me Blue and I record the words of others.

Margus: You are akin to a reporter?

Blue: I am surprised you know what a reporter is.

Margus: I did not attain adulthood in a vacuum. My homeworld was advanced. How did you get here? Can you not see Valaris is about to enter a state of war? What do you want? I should kill you now and be done with this distraction.

Blue: Sometimes one needs take the risk for posterity. You may not win this thing you are engaged in. I may never speak to you again.

Margus: You definitely will not be speaking to me again. I do admire your courage, however. You have two minutes.

Blue: How are you called and where do you come from?

Margus: I am Margus and I come from a world beyond the Rift.

Blue: We’ve heard a tear erupted in space. And we also heard you brought an army with you.

Margus: My soltakin, yes.

Blue: The term is new to me. What is a soltakin?

Margus: A wraith. A soul without a body. It appears as a shadow and its touch is deadly. It hates and its sole purpose is to kill. It wants, above all, to extinguish the light in everyone and everything. Creatures after my own heart.


Blue: What is you plan for Valaris?

Margus: Valaris will be mine.

Blue: Was that Infinity I saw with you a few minutes ago? Have you made a deal with her?

Margus: Your time is over.

Blue: Please answer the question … and one other. I shall be on my way after.

Margus: I want the dara-witch’s darklings under my control. The deal I made with Infinity will last only as long as it takes to achieve that. Then? Use your imagination.

Blue: Yes, she is hard to abide, isn’t she? Few will mourn her passing, I think.

Margus: Your final question.

Blue: Who is Margus the man?

Margus: I am no longer a man. Your question has no relevance.

Blue: What are you?

Margus: I am the Darak Or, little girl. Now get from my sight before I prove exactly what that is.


(Blue River Frond decides to leave then. She never does speak to Margus again.)

The Rainbows of Pilan

This is the first ‘extra’, a short story that tells you more about Saska and Torrullin on Pilan.


pilan 2

Sometimes one needs to disappear. Saska’s psyche needs soothing, her soul requires difference and her heart desperately seeks distraction. Betrayal forces her into leaving. Amid the rainbows of Pilan she hopes for peace … but, on the eighth day, he comes …

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Worlds of Lore and the Author

A few words from the author today!

The Lore Series has been the ultimate mission, and to that end the main story is now complete. 3 separate series, yes, but all part of the whole, ending with the 12th volume, The Master Mechanism.

And yet, there is more to say.


Firstly, much was taken out of the grander tale in the interest of a smooth reading experience, and those inserts served as a greater backstory to enrich the telling. I knew, and could therefore draw on them to flesh out the story. These inserts are now being collated as short stories, and will be published one by one. They are not integral to LORE, but you may find the extras intriguing.

The LORE Short Story Series! 

4 shorts stories are ready, the first of which has just been published (see next post!)

So far:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-Wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia

The Wolves of Valaris


Secondly, having completed the series, I realised certain characters have their own tale, and the moment I thought that … an added new series was born 🙂

LORE Worlds Series!

One full volume is finished and the second is underway. As soon as the cover art is complete, I will tell you more.

So far:

EURUE – The Forgotten World

FAROCHIN – The Terraformed World

Here’s hoping you will come with me on these journeys also!



Interview with Taranis

Taranis is one of the main characters in the Lore Series. He is the Guardian leader and comes to Valaris with his team to aid in the defence against Infinity, the dara-witch, and later Margus, the Darak Or.



My name is Blue River Frond and I am from Charikian. We are people watchers and we are scribes. Every being in all time and space has a place and a purpose and to that end we record the words they speak, for posterity … and for insight into the past. Please call me Blue and read my dialogues:

(A dialogue recorded on abandoned Mon Unon before the Guardians embarked upon The Game.)


Blue: We should begin with who you are, should we not? Many know your name, but we are now speaking to those who do not. Tell us a little about yourself.

Taranis: I don’t enjoy talking about myself. I’d rather discuss the role of the Guardians.

Blue: And we’ll get to that. Perhaps talking about yourself will reveal the Guardians also.

Taranis: Well, I guess you could say I was chosen to lead …

Blue: Let’s not be coy, my lord. You are Taranis, Lord of the Guardians, and there are those who call you Lord of the Deities.

Taranis: The latter is pure misconception … or misguided perception.

Blue: Humankind, I believe, refers to you as Lord of the Deities.

Taranis: Not humankind in general. Only on Valaris.

Blue: Why?

Taranis: Millennia ago a creature known as Drasso attempted to conquer Valaris, with the help of his mother …

Blue: Infinity, right?

Taranis: Yes, Infinity was Drasso’s mother, and caught between the two of them Valaris was about to succumb. We’re talking poisoned air and absolute annihilation of the population. The Guardians stepped in and because we were seen as fantastical as Drasso and Infinity were, well, Valarians came to regard us as gods. Deities.

Blue: And you led them.

Taranis: Something like that.

Blue: We hear there are temples and churches dedicated to the worship of Taranis.

Taranis: Not my doing.

Blue: How did you become leader of the Guardians? You are, after all, a human, and humans cannot be said to have the ability to do what you have.

Taranis: I guess my humanity during the time of Drasso aided us to victory. I was able to use the kind of strategy humans could identify with. It is a truth we would not have won had it not been for the people of Valaris gifting us their support. Many paid for it with their lives. My colleagues in the Dome saw the time of humankind had arrived in the universe … and chose me as leader.

Blue: A human Immortal. How is that possible?

Taranis: Anything is possible if you want it enough. I do not care to discuss my longevity further.

Blue: The Dome you refer to is the gathering place for the Guardians. Would you care to describe it for us?

Taranis: It’s a dome.

Blue: It’s more than that.

Taranis: It’s made of crystal and obsidian and travels through the ages due to inherent magic, but it is still a dome.

Blue: In vacuum.

Taranis: The vacuum protects it, yes.

Blue: We hear you are married.

Taranis: Was. My personal life isn’t the issue here.

Blue: My lord, female readers like to …

Taranis: My heart is spoken for, and that is as much as I’m prepared to reveal.

Blue: Who is she?

Taranis: This interview will end now …

Blue: Very well, no more of that. Where do you call home, my lord?

Taranis: I consider myself nomadic. Duties to the Dome do not allow for much personal space.

Blue: My sources tell me you have a home on Thisseldrum, but Thisseldrum isn’t the place of your birth.

Taranis: No one is born to Thisseldrum.

Blue: So we hear. It is a world for the wealthy, a chosen destination for those with the means to live there. It follows thus …

Taranis: I am not a wealthy man. I simply require privacy.

Blue: Your status granted you the right to residence.

Taranis: Yes. How did you discover this? Not even the Guardians know where I call home and I would prefer to keep it that way.

Blue: I doubt a Guardian will read the transcript of this dialogue, my lord. Your secret is safe. Where were you born? It must have been a human world.

Taranis: It doesn’t matter where I was born. What matters right now is that the Guardians face a new threat.

Blue: The dara-witch Infinity has a new game to play, we hear.

Taranis: Indeed, and the Guardians will step in once more. We are the protectors.

Blue: And the universe is aware of that and many appreciate you for your calling, but many more wonder how it is Infinity has gone unpunished for so long. Will you finish it this time?

Taranis: The witch is slippery. Our hope is to negate her.

Blue: Where will you do so? Which field of battle has she chosen this time?

Taranis: Valaris. Again.

Blue: It smacks of revenge.

Taranis: It is.

Blue: Valaris. Where humankind already regards you as a deity. That could work in your favour.

Taranis: I am inclined to think it will disadvantage us. Our appearance as gods to the rescue could spread the kind of fear we shall be hard-pressed to function within. It is better, this time, to remain as anonymous as possible. Do not make this public knowledge.

Blue: All transcripts have to be vetted. This one won’t be filed for at least another year. Now, if I may ask: what about you, the man Taranis?

Taranis: I don’t follow.

Blue: What do you do for fun? What do you read, if you read? Where do you go to relax, if it isn’t Thisseldrum? Tell us about yourself.

Taranis: I read histories, mostly, and I enjoy fishing in isolated places. Relaxation is relative, but when it can be found I usually chose green worlds where fish teem in the rivers. I’m a simple man, really.


Blue: Does she accompany you on your fishing trips?

Taranis: No.

Blue: Would you like her to?

Taranis: This interview is over.

Blue: My lord …

Taranis: I have duties.


(The dialogue comes to an abrupt halt at this point, but there is a further interview recorded with Taranis, not yet vetted.)