Son of Darkness

Margus, the Darak Or, is human, born beyond this realm. When his world’s sun loses its life-giving properties, everything is plunged into gloom and horror. Nothing grows and survivors turn on each other to eat, degenerating eventually into mindless creatures. He survives by reaching for immortality, but loses his sanity.

With all hope lost and no means of ever restoring what was once a wholesome way of life, boredom and a desire to avenge himself on those who know the light, has him collecting souls from the miserable creatures populating his world. Finally he has an army, and he has every intention of using each ‘soldier’.

Despite the darkness in his soul, Margus desires a world with a benign sun and will do anything to secure it. Valaris is the prize.

As a character, Margus is the worst of the worst. He has no conscience and nothing in all realms will sway him, and yet, as we discover his past and the horror that befell him, an odd sort of compassion for this son of darkness will be yours.

Is empathy enough, though, to overlook the slaughter of so many?



Of Rainbows and Portals

I have collated all the LORE short stories into one volume! And it’s available in paperback too 🙂

rainbows and portals

Every great story has hidden depths. Discover in this OMNIBUS EDITION the insights and the fantastical woven from the Lore of Arcana/Reaume/Sanctum Series. From natural rainbows to portals into other realms, from worlds off the track to giant planets swerving in space, these are the extras compiled into one volume:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-Wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia

The Wolves of Valaris

The Tower of Stairs

The Glittering Darkness

The Beyond for Vannis

Avior’s Doors


Rainbows & Portals

Mr Flamboyant

BELUN is of the Centuar (a deliberate spelling – thus not the Centaur of legend) and Belun will have your hide if you dare point out it is incorrect). Belun chooses a humanoid glamour for most of the tale in order to appear inconspicuous, and also to use his speaking voice (Centuar mindspeak in true form). He is, however, a bit of a showman and therefore stands out anyway. Belun is highly protective over Taranis, regarding his leader of millennia as a youngling, and fiercely protective of the Sylmer, believing those ethereal personalities are in need of a strong arm.

Rayne’s presence at the gathering at the Well of Crystal Sound has him suspicious of the man, but fortunately Belun also possesses an open mind and won’t simply judge on first impressions.

Belun of the Centuar is a flamboyant character and his voice will never be stilled.


LORE’s Magical Order

One additional LORE short story went live recently, so it’s time to update our reading order 🙂

Lore of Arcana

The Infinity Mantle

The Kinfire Tree

The Drowned Throne

The Dragon Circle

kinfire symbol

Arcana shorts:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia


Lore of Reaume

The Kallanon Scales

The Nemisin Star

The Sleeper Sword

The Dreamer Stones


Reaume shorts:

The Wolves of Valaris

The Tower of Stairs

The Glittering Darkness

The Beyond for Vannis


Lore of Sanctum

The Nemesis Blade

The Echolone Mine

The Nowhere Sphere

The Master Mechanism

unicorn symbol

Sanctum short:

Avior’s Doors


She has emerald eyes

SASKA is a Sylmer initially withdrawn as Guardian in the Dome. Not shy exactly, but she keeps herself to herself. The Sylmer are from a water planet and have tails when mortal; after the Immortality Ritual their tails vanish and they become bipedal, although they never lose the desire for a watery environment.

Chosen as one of the Guardians to defend against Infinity’s malevolence, on Valaris Saska discovers her fiery nature, and this is largely due to the influence of Rayne. His presence alone begins to change her, but her attraction for him takes her forward in leaps. Their relationship takes on an entirely new level on the night Rayne witnesses Saska surrender to her need for water. She suffers betrayal and ends up becoming someone special due to that betrayal.

This woman with pale blue hair and emerald eyes creates waves that will have long-term consequences, all the way into Lore of Sanctum. Get to her now, because she is pivotal to the story.


Vannis Valla of the Valleur

VANNIS Valla of the Valleur, the Vallorin, is an arrogant man who refuses to surrender his birthright to humankind. When his father is murdered, rage drives him to excess, and he becomes a warmonger of note, placing his people at risk. Eventually those he is meant to serve choose another path, and Vannis realises it is time to stop. He settles on Valaris, but it isn’t long before humans come, and the cycle starts anew. The terrible events that follow force him into living death, by choice.

A long time later, he steps forth again. Once freed, he understands it wasn’t worth it. No war, no vendetta, is worth losing love and life, never to see his son grow into a man. Vannis therefore makes new choices, but never underestimate this man. With a finger snap he is able to be again the warmonger of old. However, a surprise awaits him when he embarks upon his second chance – family he never suspected to ever find.

Vannis has changeable eyes. Valleur eyes are tawny, but Vannis’ change according to his moods; amber for happiness, blue for sadness, black for rage and green for fear and desire. The team of the present (and his subjects in the past) use the colour of his eyes to gauge his moods. He cannot, in fact, hide from anyone!

And know this: Vannis creates the Maghdim Medaillon, the magical device that will play such a large role throughout the LORE series, and doesn’t that just reveal what else this man is capable of?


Sacred Contradiction

More Reaume concepts:

Sacred: worthy of reverence or respect; venerable

 Profane: showing contempt or irreverence towards sacred things; blasphemous

Land: Territory over which rule or control is exercised; Domain, badlands, kingdom, realm, terra firma; Bring into a different state (verb)

Brinkmanship: The policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

Contradiction: Opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas