Of Caves and Cauldrons

The Dragon Circle is the fourth book in Lore of Arcana, and this is a game-changer. So much alters, so many promises are kept, so many frayed ends are snipped away … and so much is unsaid and lays the groundwork for the first book in Lore of Reaume.

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This is also the endgme for Torrullin and Margus, but it will be hard fought.

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… yes, hard fought, indeed.



House of Valla

DANTIAN, DANTE and VARELIE are the last royals of the House of Valla on Ardosia, the world the Valleur settled beyond the Rift. Dantian is Vallorin and Dante is his brother; Dante is also Varelie’s father. They become aware that great darkness is about to descend upon them (Margus), but cannot prevent it. Varelie, in her dreams, calls to a stranger for help … and if you read this part of The Infinity Mantle‘s blurb, you may get an idea as to who she calls to:

‘Rayne meanwhile dreams of a little girl from another world desperate for help and cannot fathom how, until he meets the Guardians in the Great Forest of Valaris. When they reveal the presence of a tear in space, Rayne realises he is being gathered to fulfil his destiny …

And on Ardosia a little girl awakes from a nightmare, screaming, “It will all burn, daddy!”’


Self-styled Sorcerer

AVEN is a self-styled sorcerer living in Farinwood when The Infinity Mantle commences. It is to Aven that Rayne goes, hoping for insight into the threat Infinity presents to Valaris. Aven brought Rayne into the Mantle as a boy and trained him in sorcery. Rayne calls him stubborn and tough and they have issues, but also love each other. Aven is an old man now, but follows Rayne to the meeting in the Great Forest, because he dare not leave Averroes alone. Averroes is his ward and he loves her as much as he does Rayne, but in his opinion she needs protecting.

Over the course of the four Lore of Arcana books, Aven is instrumental in bringing the hidden truth about the Valleur to light, and he, along with others from the Mantle, sets up a Relief Centre in Galilan after their world suffers calamity.

He is an opinionated old coot and will make you smile more than once!


Forbidden Legend

The Tennet system was one of many in the vast Glucano Galaxy that hurtled through the universal fabric at an incredible rate, ever growing and changing shape like an elastic band in manipulative hands. This was an entirely natural phenomenon.

There was nothing sorcerous about the Forbidden Zone; that was limited to its inhabitants. Still, magic abounded, the magic of universal order, the spark that could create thoughtlessly and destroy mindlessly.


The Forbidden Zone was not named due to Mysor habitation – popular belief – or due to ancient evils; it was a legend created by the Valleur to insinuate into the unconscious of those beyond its vast boundaries, much like the fraud perpetuated by Vannis.

In fact, the idea stemmed from that very fraud, for the Arcana myth penetrated the past to reach back into the further reaches of sentient memory. The Arcana myth came to the Valleur of Atrudis also, back in time … and they knew it for what it was. They then conceived of the Forbidden Zone In final analysis it would prove as unsuccessful as the Arcana myth- more so, for the Arcana had a sealed Rift to complete the illusion.

The Murs had come, drawn by the fraud, and enhanced the resident Mysor. The Kallanon came and so had the dreaded Dragon-man- the one it was put in place for, to guard against.

All came because of the object the Forbidden Zone legend sought to protect, the item dating back to the first supreme leader in the universe. The Taliesman. From then to now, age upon age upon age, and while everything had changed, nothing really had. The same war was being fought and was about to become the ultimate battle.

Light versus Dark.

True war.

14 Sacred Sites

These are the words of Tristamil Valla:

“Fourteen is the universal number upon which magic is based. We build fourteen sacred sites per world in keeping with that philosophy, and that is the first tradition. The second is the order in which we erect them. First is the Lifesource, then the Throne-room, thereafter the rest. The third tradition is the passing of the Dragon from Vallorin to heir at the appointed time. The fourth is the safekeeping of the Oracles; the fifth, the scrying of a newborn’s name and the sixth is this ceremony of today. The seventh is the learning of sorcery beyond what we inherently know. The eighth is the absolute autonomy of the Vallorin; we are not, nor were we ever, a democracy. The ninth is Nemisin’s runes, known only to the House of Valla, and the tenth is our longevity both natural and enhanced. The eleventh is our total intolerance of darak …” He stumbled there, but recovered well. “The twelfth is a belief in prophecy and the thirteenth … we regard ourselves as master-builders, and build with heart, soul and magic. The fourteenth? For as long as one Valleur lives, we were first and will be last in all things.”

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The Kallanon Scales

Interview with Dantian



(Blue could not interview Dantian, Vallorin of the Valleur beyond the Rift, for the time between rift tear and his capture was too fleeting. Blue subsequently spoke to Dantian via a visitation from the realms beyond. The Valleur, it is told, can do this. Whether or not you believe what is recorded below, these are the words as remembered upon waking.)


Blue:  My Lord Vallorin, thank you for appearing. We believe others need to know of your sacrifice.

Dantian: I do not regard what happened as a sacrifice. My destiny was written into my name at birth.

Blue: The Valleur scry a newborn’s future and apply a name to suit, right? Is that how you became aware of what you call your destiny?

Dantian: When one grows with a name that is a destiny, one accepts.

Blue: I cannot believe it is as simple as accepting.

Dantian: It was not easy.

Blue: Your brother Dante- what was his destiny?

Dantian: To be the father he was.

Blue: Ah, yes, he had a daughter. According to our records, she did not survive the burning of Ardosia.

Dantian: There are different kinds of death, Blue. Her survival may not be as you trust it to be. Mark the future for news of this daughter of the Valleur.

Blue: We do enjoy a challenge. We shall watch.

Dantian: My time in this form grows short.

Blue: And before you dissipate, my lord, could you tell us what lies beyond?

Dantian: Life. Salvation, if you desire it. Redemption, is you require it. Choice, where before choice was a relative factor.

Blue: I assume you speak now of a destiny voided.

Dantian: Destiny fulfilled. And beyond it new choice. Life.

Blue: We need not fear death?

Dantian: Fear it. What you do in flesh echoes in these realms …


(Dantian’s visitation ended then, although Blue claims the essence of his presence lingered for a time. From that lingering she claims to have absorbed more of the man’s personality.)


Blue: A footnote, reader: Dantian was a man who loved life despite knowing his destiny. He lived large and loved as much. We are the poorer for his passing. I wish I had known him.

A Desert World

Akhavar’s Gallery showcases a dry world, a sterile environment. This was the first Valleur world, but it was abandoned when the water ran out. In Lore of Sanctum the Lady of Life has worked her magic to restore fertility and soon the Valleur begin the return to their First Home. In the mountain enclave, aquifers hold water, but Akhavar also holds deep secrets.

The ancient past is about to smack everyone about the head!