Nothing exists in a vacuum

Nothing exists in a vacuum. What this statement means has little to do with the likelihood of life in an airless space. It means all is connected, that function results from mutual reliance.



On War and Strategy

The Echolone Mine

The bigger something is, the more unwieldy. Careful planning is able to circumvent.

General Hamon, on campaign

The pilings are undermined. Whoever built this structure intended failure.

Links, engineer

The Nowhere Sphere

Be prepared, generals of every persuasion, to include neutral territory in the field of confrontation. For negotiation without fear, for gatherings under a white flag, to bring the dead and wounded, and to breathe in. Ensure all parties agree and respect it.

Ancient Drinic War Manual

Put on your armour, soldier!

King’s call


Sacred Contradiction

More Reaume concepts:

Sacred: worthy of reverence or respect; venerable

 Profane: showing contempt or irreverence towards sacred things; blasphemous

Land: Territory over which rule or control is exercised; Domain, badlands, kingdom, realm, terra firma; Bring into a different state (verb)

Brinkmanship: The policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

Contradiction: Opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas



What is duality?

It is the two sides to each of us. On a good day we smile, on a bad day we growl. A simple answer, yes, and a simplification of the state. We are, after all, simple folk.

True duality comes with great events, and accident of birth or long years. The kind no simplification works for.


Long years is easy; give someone enough time and time will reveal the two sides in all, including the inner war.

An accident of birth curses society with the sociopath, the one able to smile on the surface while feeling nothing. Hmm, perhaps that isn’t duality.

Great events, now, is something more. A soul, a heart, a mind is forced into choices, and in the aftermath the questions lead to illumination; ‘I am two people, I must be, to do this and then that because my mind tells me to, while my heart denies every action.’

Arun, Druid of Apanthus

From The Dragon Circle

Forewarned is forearmed

On Fore-knowledge: There are various ‘states’ in which one may know something that may come to pass, among these:-


Premonition; the state of anticipating an event

Precognition; a more neutral advance knowing

Telepathy; a distant feeling, and not to be confused with mind communication

Clairvoyance; a clear seeing- a seer is expert in this art

Dreams; where a visitation of an event occurs in the unconscious and may be recalled

Dream incubation: a deliberate state, preceded by cleansing rituals

Scrying; technique, of which there are many, to produce images of the future

Omens; a happening that precedes the vent by way of symbolism

Auguries; a form of divination based on ritualistic behaviour, a chance outcome

Waking imagery: visions

Borderland imagery; the state of semi-awareness between waking and sleeping

Lucid dreams; dreams within dreams

Oracle; person or persons claiming to possess the means to see the future

Concepts in Reaume

Repentance: The state in which forgiveness is asked, in which regret is sincere and the soul releases its monsters.

 Absolution: To be granted forgiveness, where the sin is both sincerely forgiven, akin to a second chance, and where the sin is also, more profoundly, forgotten.

Sanctuary: A sanctuary is a sacred place, whether of religion or from a personal ideal, but it is also a place of safety for fugitives, dispossessed, abused and hopeless souls. It is both first and last resort and is a state of mind, as well as a place to lay a weary head.


Bloodline: descent from a common ancestor, parental lineage, family relationship, kinship, racial or national ancestry, direct line of descent, strain, pedigree

Secrets: kept from general knowledge or view, tending not to disclose information, clandestine or confidential, beyond ordinary understanding, mysterious, known or shared only by initiates (rites)

Eternal Night

The man stands uncertain before the precipice. He cannot trust, cannot take that leap of faith. It is dark below, black as eternal night, and he is afraid of what lies in those depths. She steps up to him, in the end the only one who truly knows, and takes his hand. His fingers are cold, deadly cold. Grey eyes, blue eyes.

Lowen’s vision, fourteen years after the Enchanter entered that other invisible realm