Chapter 1: Our Lanterns Glow

Written and shared in the latter half of 2020, this inspirational book was conceived to cope with the different world we suddenly found ourselves in. As the author, it matters not to me if it sells or not; this is a personal project – I needed to find my light, and this is how I did so. Based on fictional insights, for fiction has helped us in these trying times, Our Lanterns Glow isn’t a cure all; it is about insight and the inspiration we need to move forward.

Now we are in a new year and it is not over; the pandemic and economic fallout is still with us. Our Lanterns Glow is more relevant than ever. Now it helps us make sense of the very strange time we endured and aids us in focusing on the future. Whether we read this today or in a hundred years, it remains relevant; ever do we need the light and always it is our responsibility to lift our lanterns for others to find their way in the darkness. Find the insight you need in this small book and shine your light today!

Elaina J. Davidson



Son, daughter, to understand yourself, you need understand others. But, hark, my children, it isn’t enough to watch your neighbour – think far, listen to nations of other worlds …

The Journals of Humanity, Beacon Library of Exploration ~


‘The Journals of Humanity’ sets the tone. We are now in a period where our humanity will be our saving grace. Other cultures have much to teach us, as much as we have for them. Seeing ourselves as one, a global society, celebrates differences while knowing we have so much common ground. We all love, we all need comfort … and suffering and loss does not hark to culture and creed. We are in this as one. We will win together. Let us celebrate every small victory, worldwide, as one.

It is said life is a game. One is born into it and one must strategize every step. If one has this ability, the game is not strenuous, but if one has issues with other players on the great board, the game can swallow one. The trick, reader, is to follow the gut. Do not be snared by detail; trust the gut. And do not attempt to understand the grand design – that is a path to madness.

Father Rees’ Diary ~


It feels like a great game sometimes, doesn’t it? This 2020? Or this is a Netflix series filled with incredible events. Every time we put the News on, or browse social media, something insane is happening or the latest statistics are horrifying. How then does one strategize every step? Most of us are playing the waiting game.

In our current situation, the grand design relates to how did Covid-19 happen? Who is potentially to blame? How do we hold accountable our political leaders and medical experts globally for not only the pandemic, but for loss of income? A path to madness, indeed, and although those questions require answering at the opportune time, it will only drive greater rifts between us and those we are meant to trust.

Right now, we must concentrate on what makes us human, what drives our compassion, and the means to walking a path of serenity (or as near as) through the chaos. This holds true for the present and every situation we may find ourselves in at some future time. Take a breath, breathe out, switch the News off for a while, and focus on the positive. Despite all, always there are the little things and moments in our day able to make us smile, and that must be our focus.

Know your place, children of the universe. This does not mean you stand in the shadows without contributing to the grand design; it means know yourself and what it is you are able to contribute …

Ancient Oracles ~


If my contribution is writing this book, then I have succeeded. If yours is taking a hot meal to someone in need, then you have, too, spectacularly. It isn’t only about the great deeds. It isn’t about fame. When we know how and what we are able to contribute, we take our places – we have purpose. We lead by example. We do not hide; we are not meant to be in the shadows. We shine a light.


Chapter 1: My Wishing Well

Technically, this isn’t Chapter 1, rather 2, but seeing as the first section (About Valaris) can be viewed in the Appendices in my Lore books, I thought I’d offer the first true collection of sayings. 

This is a personal project, a way to gather the little things that surround Elaina J. Davidson’s writing.

The term ‘Wishing Well’ fits. The author wishes to have pertinent info to hand and the allusion to an inkwell makes all kind of sense to her.

Excerpts and more have been extracted from the Lore Series (Lore of Arcana, Lore of Reaume, Lore of Sanctum and Ancient Terra) as well as Ilfin of Arc, Latticework. Ethereal Musician and TINSAL, and arranged alphabetically.

Perhaps you, too, will be pleased to have this nearby when checking on something as you read Elaina J. Davidson’s many books.

Available in print only HERE.


Secrets unlocked secrets.

The Valleur are nomadic; it is time to set down enduring roots.

Do not rely on the future to solve problems.

Look to this day.

What did our nomadic existence teach us?

Only that we are restless by nature.

It is the mind that wins battles, not bodies.

When all else fails, deny the enemy entry.

Erect walls, impenetrable barriers.

If the barriers crumble, blind them.

Know your place, children of the universe. This does not mean you stand in the shadows without contributing to the grand design; it means know yourself and what it is you are able to contribute …

“Build a structure able to stand the test of time upon a natural energy node, and you will build with magic and essence also. It is a great gift to future generations, but it is also a grand gesture that creates balance in the world. A true geomancer knows where to locate a site that will be sacred forever.”

Every experience builds your character, defines your strengths and weaknesses.

Every point in life, that moment of decision, forms a web of connections.

When Valleur youth raise the question about the Dragon’s presence, the Elders are ever hard-pressed to give an answer that makes sense. Until the day Ranthor formalised it. “The Dragon is part of the Vallas; ours is not the right to question.” Thereafter that single reply was spoken every time.

“There are no absolutes. Some might tell you change is the only absolute. I tell you change by nature is too volatile. There are no absolutes.” ~ Nemisin – First Oracle

Stone star. Blank wall. Blind is evil.

Valleur name true.

Valleur do not surrender. Valleur fight.

During the time of Vintari (205th Vallorin) a peace settlement was sought between the Valleur and the mud people of Dinor. At first it went well, for the adversaries were weary of the lengthy war. Fighting had become pointless and starvation a stark reality. Two Valleur generations passed peaceably enough, and then the 7th Dinor ruler since the settlement rose up against the accord. Vintari, although nearing the end of his reign, went to war again, and that time he showed no mercy. But for a small kernel of resistance, the Valleur put an end to the mud people. The Dinor swore they would one day find a way to revenge the terrible insult. ~Excerpt from the 2nd volume of the Valleur Oracles

When a sun is weak, a world is cold and life shrivels with time. When an atmosphere alters components, a world is poisoned, and life shrivels swiftly. And yet life is amazingly tenacious. Lift a rock in a desert and find it there, hidden … thriving.

For love of a friend, one walks into danger.

Frustration is your spirit telling you to change tactics.

The power hungry are blinded by their arrogance.

Truth is Light

Mother Universe chose a path of objectivity. We revere her for that, for she cannot judge; she simply is. Many say Mother Universe is not as uninvolved as time would have us believe, for are we not her children and do we not judge? Are we not subjective in our thoughts and deeds? This is a debate for our sages … and still we whisper of it among ourselves.

Be careful, adept. Lumin power is wonderful, but it can be as addictive as darak. A sorcerer worth his weight knows to hold back, always.

“… a state of abstraction, a trance in which a series of images, ideas and emotions occur involuntarily. This altered conscious may occur during the hours of sleep or, more disturbingly, while the subject is awake. Neither should be discounted. Ever. Hark to that inner prompting …”

The unborn are special. Revere them.

Ask the name of the stranger if you desire understanding. A name can reveal more than features are able to.

When souls band together something marvellous comes to pass. A note in the Ancient Oracles

There is an obstacle in the mind known as denial. It is able to prevent knowledge entering, but it can also force the mind to move sideways onto a divergent path. Beware the divergent path.

Tree is Letter

This image has been on my computer for a long time. I don’t know who to attribute for it, but this is a favourite. In fact, I have a print on my wall of it because, for me, this tells a story, an epic about time and tenacity, about light and love, and that, in a nutshell, is what my LORE is about. So, tree is letter: do you see it, too?

Finding Light in 2020

This book – Our Lanterns Glow – is close to my heart. All my books are, but this one especially. Our Lanterns Glow is my contribution towards finding a path through a pandemic’s chaos, and even if no one reads it, for me it has been cathartic. It is ranking on Amazon, though, so I’m guessing someone wants to read it!

Our Lanterns Glow isn’t a standard inspirational book; for this, I tweaked. Instead of using sayings from our real world motivators, I turned to my published work, my fiction. If you have read any of my books, you will know most of them have excerpts heading chapters, sometimes inspirational, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes humorous, and sometimes dark, too. For Our Lanterns Glow I chose both inspirational and thought-provoking, and included excerpts from the various narratives also.

Extracts are from Lore of Arcana, Lore of Reaume, Lore of Sanctum, TINSAL, Latticework, Ilfin of Arc, and Ancient Terra. Considering how much of the Lore Series went into this, I thought I’d share it here!

Currently on pre-order for $1.29 (£0.99), I believe much of what is contained within will offer both insight and aid to the reader and seeker. Our Lanterns Glow will deliver on 31 August, so not too long a wait!


The year is 2020

 We have seen fires in Australia, locust plagues in Africa, both flooding and drought elsewhere, and riots and marches, too, but all pales in comparison to what 2020 is really about. A global pandemic.

 We have endured lockdown and it appears it will befall us more than once as this virus runs its course. We no longer live with any kind of certainty. We need to cope with the reality, which includes the virus itself, the loss of loved ones and economic devastation, if only by staying as positive as is possible.

 Understanding who we are and who we can be, if we take care to be honest with ourselves, is the first step to dealing with the progress of utter change and helps us forge a path through the chaos.

 Therefore, this book.

 Our Lanterns Glow is a deliberate choice of title. We are, each of us, lanterns in the darkness. We shine, and we hoist our lanterns for others to find their way. We can trim the wick of our lamps to brighten our inner selves, and will thus shed the resultant glow ever outwards.

 Based on fictional insights, for fiction has helped us in these trying times, Our Lanterns Glow isn’t a cure all, it is about insight and the inspiration we need to move forward. We have everything to gain in trying something new, something different …

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