Infinity Explained

A True Name is Freedom

The Infinity Mantle is currently being translated into Portuguese, and the translator asked me to explain the meaning of the title in order for us to come up with a suitable Portuguese one. It was an easy answer, because I know exactly why I chose it, but I wonder if you, as reader, do. Those of you who have read The Infinity Mantle will certainly have an idea or more, and you’ll probably be correct too, but for those of you who will still grab a copy and get lost in the world of Valaris, I thought I’d expound a bit.

Elaina Lore of Arcana 1 The Infinity Mantle (2)

The title is definitely a play on words and meaning.

For starters, one of the main antagonists is Infinity, the dara-witch, a blue-skinned evil that entraps the innocent simply by looking at them. Death for those innocents becomes infinite torture. Secondly, our main protagonist is Rayne of the Mantle. The Mantle is a secret organisation training sorcerers and charged with keeping safe the mighty Maghdim Medaillon.

Therefore, The Infinity Mantle, as these two characters become embroiled in a manipulation to control Valaris.


There is more to it, though.

You will meet the Guardians of the Dome, immortal (infinity) protectors of worlds and civilisations unable to field great armies in order to defend themselves. Valaris is one such world and civilisation. The people of Valaris have been deliberately kept ignorant of great events, and all magical abilities are regarded as monstrous, something to wipe out without mercy. They are therefore defenceless; they labour under a mantle of ignorance.

Therefore, The Infinity Mantle, as the immortals came to the aid of the defenceless.

And one final nuance: The greatest evil ever to befall Valaris is the Darak Or, an infinity of evil from another realm who brings with him the mantle of absolute darkness. He aims to annihilate all, and not even the dara-witch Infinity will stand in his way – THE INFINITY MANTLE!

And if you’re wondering what the title for the Portuguese version will be, we have decided on O Manto da Eternidade – Eternity’s Mantle!

Portuguese Elaina Lore of Arcana 1 The Infinity Mantle (2)