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LORE audio

The first four books of the LORE series (Arcana) are almost complete in audio. Only The Dragon Circle to go, which is now nearing completion. Awesome 🙂

The next four (Reaume) are almost halfway with book 2 currently in review:

By the way, in listening to Nemisin in order to approve it, I found myself in tears, especially when a well-loved character dies. Colby Baker is an outstanding narrator!

This week I will be uploading The Sleeper Sword (Reaume 3) for production, and will also commence the process for the Sanctum four by putting up The Nemesis Blade. Am hoping to have the entire 12 book series in audio by year’s end. (And then it’s Ancient Terra’s turn!)

Tiptoe into 2021

It’s time to move into a new year and I’m sure, like me, you’ll be giving a sigh of relief. When 2020 rolled around this time a year ago, all of us made statements about 2020 vision and how bright a year it would be – how wrong we were! Still, much good has come out of our collective endurance, such as knowing how very important family and friends are, and that we are able to cope in adverse conditions, if not always financially, at least in our hearts and souls and that is true wealth. This year, sorry, no predictions, no claiming the best is yet to come, a bright future awaits; it does, but I think this year we’ll just tiptoe quietly in. Happy New Year 🙂

Tree is Letter

This image has been on my computer for a long time. I don’t know who to attribute for it, but this is a favourite. In fact, I have a print on my wall of it because, for me, this tells a story, an epic about time and tenacity, about light and love, and that, in a nutshell, is what my LORE is about. So, tree is letter: do you see it, too?