Arcana’s Audio Books Completed!

Good news! All four Lore of Arcana books are now available to listen to, and Thomas Bestwick did an outstanding job (seriously, you gotta listen to him – his voice transports you into another world).


The Infinity Mantle: US UK FR DE

The Kinfire Tree: US UK FR DE

The Drowned Throne: US UK FR DE

The Dragon Circle: US UK FR DE

Ancient Terra: final book

For those of you waiting for book 4 in the Ancient Terra series, know that it’s in progress. Avaelyn: The Enshrouded World will be a doorstopper because it is the last LORE tale with familiar characters, and brings any final frayed endings to completion. After this, a spin-off series about the realms, but with different players in the pattern … but that’s a whole other story!

The Measured World

Lykandir: The Measured World went live this week! You will recall that I mentioned it was rather quiet in here because I was writing, and now it’s done, yay 馃檪 As with all Ancient Terra books, it can be read standalone, but it is also part of the larger LORE story.

Motionless seas. A two-faces clock. Lykan sees all.

The Dark Ages reigns on a world separated from Time, where men prefer war and women are lesser. Writing is outlawed and city gates close against the night, for the legend of the Wer is frighteningly real.

King Androdin sends his son Cadmus north to meet with his northern rival, Drakan of Caladin, and with him is Aris Delmann, leader of the army. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover not only an enclave of women, but also powerful men from another world, among them Torrullin Valla and Elianas Danae.

Meanwhile, in the south, traitors have summoned an army from a distant land, and soon the first city falls to their might.

When the mages begin their own game of manipulation, using the two-faces clock, Lykandir becomes explosive. It needs but a spark and all hope will be lost.

How dare they? Now is the time to stand together, is it not? Lykandir is about to suffer an overdue shake around and no one will escape it.

Lykan sees all.

Available from AMAZON in both eBook (KU) and in print.

LORE audio

The first four books of the LORE series (Arcana) are almost complete in audio. Only The Dragon Circle to go, which is now nearing completion. Awesome 馃檪

The next four (Reaume) are almost halfway with book 2 currently in review:

By the way, in listening to Nemisin in order to approve it, I found myself in tears, especially when a well-loved character dies. Colby Baker is an outstanding narrator!

This week I will be uploading The Sleeper Sword (Reaume 3) for production, and will also commence the process for the Sanctum four by putting up The Nemesis Blade. Am hoping to have the entire 12 book series in audio by year’s end. (And then it’s Ancient Terra’s turn!)