Dragons Everywhere!

Facebook Pages are great to create Galleries! We have breezed through SANCTUM’s (just click GALLERIES in the sidebar to scroll through again!) and now it’s REAUME’s turn.

Kicking off with Dragons Everywhere!

The first volume – The Kallanon Scales – definitely gives you a clue there are dragons, but all is not what it seems. On the one hand there is Neolone and on the other Abdiah, and it is quite the battle.

dragons everywhere gallery


The last few days, waiting for Master Mechanism to go live, have been filled with expectation. How not?

Below are two moments – one for Master Mechanism (final volume) and one for Infinity Mantle (first volume) – which makes it all worthwhile!

A pic from a reader on the day MM went live!


infinity jeff
Inspiration from a reader for IM via email!