Time to change up!

Change is as good as a holiday, they say. Hmm, not always, but change has come to the Lore Series as in updated covers. A holiday? Oh no, loads of work! All covers ebook and audiobook will be changing and I’m uploading them as the interior (ebook) is updated a bit too (mostly for designer on the copyright page). When done, the sidebar images will reflect the new covers.

The four Arcana audiobooks
The four for Reaume (Dreamer Stones is still in production)

Lore at a glance showcased the series as it was, and now each cover will be changing. Not all are live yet and some may even receive a final tweak or two, while others still need to be updated 🙂

Trawling the ‘net

You know how it is. You trawl the ‘net looking for an answer or an explanation, maybe an image or perhaps music, and before you know it, it’s ages later and you’ve entered the rabbit hole of interesting and intriguing stuff. Yeah, you’re not alone! One of my forays netted me the following images (they are free to use) and I thought I’d share because each yells some of the story of the Lore Series. Seems many of us are on the same wavelength! Find more from Sacha Stone here