Where does the inspiration for our stories come from? Manifold sources, including dreams, other stories, a series on Netflix, a movie where the character delivers a line that raises hairs in the back of one’s neck, images both artistic and real-world photos. A word never seen before. Poetry. A conversation overheard. As I said, manifold! And each plays a part in creating the final product the reader then chooses to delve into. This is the magic. This is the reason we do it. For the story that simply must come out and for you.

A few images from my massive FANTASY PLACES image file.

Time to change up!

Change is as good as a holiday, they say. Hmm, not always, but change has come to the Lore Series as in updated covers. A holiday? Oh no, loads of work! All covers ebook and audiobook will be changing and I’m uploading them as the interior (ebook) is updated a bit too (mostly for designer on the copyright page). When done, the sidebar images will reflect the new covers.

The four Arcana audiobooks
The four for Reaume (Dreamer Stones is still in production)

Lore at a glance showcased the series as it was, and now each cover will be changing. Not all are live yet and some may even receive a final tweak or two, while others still need to be updated 🙂