Ancient Terra


This part of the LORE multiverse deals with ancient worlds – therefore ANCIENT TERRA – but each book in the series is a standalone read. Although with some familiar characters, there are also many new and interesting personalities to meet.


Titles in the series include:

Eurue: The Forgotten World – available

Farochin: The Terraformed World – in progress

Lykandir: The Measured World

Anglemar: The Stone World

Avaelyn: The Enshrouded World



Eurue Cover


The universe is populated and many worlds are far-flung, forgotten. Until the day Gabryl, a man both alive and dead, his body reposing in a sarcophagus, his spirit roaming as a shifting being, bellows a call to arms. Eurue, as world and civilisation, after ages of isolation, will now step into the ultimate arena.

Tristan and Alusin of the Kaval hasten to answer the summons to where tentacled miasmas are consuming people body and soul. Savier, as Keeper of the sarcophagus, sheds light on an ancient legend. Tianoman, Vallorin of the Valleur, brings the Valleur host to Eurue, and Emperor Teighlar of Grinwallin pledges his army.

But how does one fight miasma?

Who is the true enemy?

Meanwhile, as the spaces become frantic, a woman in a turret somewhere, elsewhere, plans her revenge. The schism between what went before and the reality of the present presents to her the power to control the fate of all.

Who will stop her?

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