What is ‘Arcana’?

The term ‘Arcana’ is an ancient word for ‘Secret Remedies’ .

Considering that the characters in this epic series stumble over and into various secrets from times past, and seek to solve dilemmas an elder race left behind, I named this series LORE Of ARCANA. Most fitting, I believe.

However, as you as reader will discover, ‘Arcana’ also refers to something added, something dangerous, something truly old … and something of the Light.

darkness prophecy

There are four books in the Lore of Arcana series:

The four Arcana books are now available as a Special Edition NFT


The Infinity Mantle

Read Chapter 1 – Read Chapter 10

There is a darkness coming …

Rayne of the Mantle, to confirm Infinity’s presence on Valaris, knowing the witch will seek her revenge for the death of her son, travels to Farinwood to find Aven. The old magician will know. There he discovers changeling children, a secret Society of Sorcerers, the mysterious waif Averroes, as well as the Maghdim Medaillon, a dangerous coin that creates a thread of light between two realms.

In another universe, the Darak Or Margus watches for the perfect opportunity to annihilate the world Ardosia and its people. He desires to avenge an ancient terror and has been patient too long. Separating the two realms is a vast Chaos barrier, a roiling darkness both Infinity and Margus will deploy as a weapon of ultimate manipulation.

Two worlds will soon burn.

Taranis of the Dome Guardians, summoned to witness what will happen to Valaris should Ardosia fall, is forced to endure the terrible blockade. In the aftermath, the Guardians gather to defend against the influx of this new evil, as is their sworn duty to the universe.

Rayne, meanwhile, dreams of a little girl from another land desperate for help, while on Ardosia a toddler rouses from a nightmare, screaming, “It will all burn, daddy!”

Another awakens; a legendary figure from the forgotten past, creator of the Maghdim Medaillon, the true ruler of both Valaris and Ardosia. His time is now.

There is a darkness coming.

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The Infinity Mantle as an audio book – An amazing voice and an incredible tale!


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The Kinfire Tree

Kin is Everything

We return to the Land of Skies. One battle is already behind the team, the disastrous events upon Ardosia; time now to concentrate on the stability of Valaris, or the same fate awaits her.

Hidden from humankind are fourteen sacred Valleur sites, built upon nodes of power. Vannis Valla advocates unveiling them to restore balance to the earth, which will aid in the fight against Margus. The Darak Or has other ideas, and unleashes his soltakin …

In the north, Averroes discovers her true past and she and Kylan run the Maze gauntlet. Kisha, Mordan, Cristi and Samson prepare the clans of old for eternal night. In the south, Vannis, Rayne and Saska, along with the charismatic little Falcon, Phet, move from site to site. Taranis and the Guardians delve arcane ritual in the Dome to find the answers to the ending of soltakin, while expecting Infinity to bring her Darkling Horde into the mix. Meanwhile McSee, unmasked as traitor, meets the crazy Lanto and they hatch a bold plan, involving a pirate and ancient loot.

Rayne begins the internal battle that will change all. It began for him on Ardosia when he touched Vannis only to release blue sparks between them. The ruling house is almost extinct. How, therefore, does a Valla recognise the blood for the future? By the blue flame of trebac. Kinfire. The legendary Vannis is kin, but there is more in store for Rayne than the reality of this profound connection.

The Kinfire Tree has many branches hidden in its foliage, a condition Rayne suspects, a greater truth he must reveal …

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Audible links HERE


The Drowned Throne

Read Chapter 10

An ancient seat has the power to destroy

From the cesspool of Silas Island into the underworld of Two Town, the battle continues. As epic storms batter the continent, men, women and children succumb to soltakin touch and darkling blade.

It is time to reveal the hidden half-race from under the sands of the Vall Peninsula; Valaris needs soldiers as much as she needs hope. It is time also to face Margus in his lair and throw down the gauntlet.

Arrayed against his might is the small team of defenders, among them Taranis of the Guardians, Vannis of the Valleur, and Torrullin, a man with a dual nature, who as often fights the darkness rising within as he fights to protect his world. Visions plague Torrullin; he struggles to find himself when fate appears omnipotent, and love ever beyond his reach.

The extinct Gosa volcano erupts as sacred sites implode, creating earthquakes and tidal waves. A monster surge races to the site of an epic confrontation before an ancient and powerful golden seat.

The Valleur Throne is about to assume ultimate status. Will it save or conquer their world?

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The Dragon Circle

Read Chapter 10

How do you lift a weapon against someone you once loved?

Valarians prepare for winter. Many died in summer, more will succumb to the cold. While waiting for the opportune time to strike, Margus secretly begins a different kind of campaign: soul snatching. Having lost his army, he now rebuilds it with the souls of people in despair after the violence of summer’s confrontations.

Torrullin steps blindly into Vannis’ final prophecy. It brings him a great gift; it also leads to terrible betrayal. In the aftermath there is a change in the Valla Dragon’s place of residence, and Saska abandons Torrullin, leaving him in need of diversion. Belun of the Centuar is suspicious of the strange vanishings and it drives Torrullin offworld to find a ward against soul snatching, to end Margus’ reign of terror. He enters the forges of flame, and the man who emerges is reformed of fire to unleash annihilating heat.

Uninvited, Torrullin enters the Dome of his Guardian father, Taranis, employing a darkened doorway most Guardians believed inoperative, to become the harbinger of final days…

The Dragon Circle completes the forging of Torrullin Valla. The ambivalent Rayne’s tale began in the shades and shadows of a prejudiced world and moved into flame and fire, and now a new future unveils …

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For more on Lore of Arcana, do visit the dedicated Facebook PAGE and discover albums showcasing the Lore worlds, characters and other insights.




Travel from a Land of Skies isolated in space to civilisations flourishing underground, from a chaos curtain to sacred sites and more, in this epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi omnibus. Lore of Arcana Omnibus includes The Infinity Mantle, The Kinfire Tree, The Drowned Throne and The Dragon Circle and delves from the deep and forgotten past into a speculative future, knowing time cannot be truly measured. Time moves between realms and reality in a fashion contradictory to our present, and exposes creatures of myth and legend, and fabled figures thought lost to antiquity.

Lore of Arcana uncovers profound secrets and mysteries, but the true connection that serves to bind is the great Maghdim Medaillon, the ‘Secret Wisdom’ able to breach realms and time.

One man strides through all, Maghdim Medaillon in one hand, sword in the other. He is the Pathfinder, Keeper of the Dragon, the ultimate architect and elixir of life. He is the secret, the kingdom and the sacred space. He is Lifegiver and Destroyer.

This is Rayne’s journey, he who is also Torrullin, descendent of a mighty bloodline, and this is a mighty tale.

Lore of Arcana Omnibus

arcana omnibus yay

The Arcana Omnibus is available in paperback and as an audiobook also!



Read Song of the Spaces as either a teaser … or because you’re a huge fan and simply must know more about the LORE Series. Every great story has hidden depths. Discover in this OMNIBUS EDITION the insights and the fantastical woven from the Lore of Arcana/Reaume/Sanctum Series. From natural rainbows to portals into other realms, from worlds off the track to giant planets swerving in space, these are the extras compiled into one volume:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-Wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia

The Arcana Myth

A World without Light

The Wolves of Valaris

The Tower of Stairs

The Glittering Darkness

The Beyond for Vannis


Ancient Luvanor

Avior’s Doors

Song of the Spaces

Into the Forbidden Zone



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