Water is Life

Water IS life; we all know this and no one disputes it. Yet, for the purposes of our Lore insight, water being life is taken many steps further. The first sacred site raised on a new world is the one in homage of the life-giving waters of the planet, called the Lifesource.



Why don’t they stay dead?

Halon, in The Master Mechanism, asks himself, What do these Vallas know? Why don’t they stay dead?

Well, shall I tell you why? Um, no, that would mean a whole book! Therefore, given the precedent exists even in Lore, if by another name, Happy Halloween!





Sanctum’s All-in-One!

Now available!!!!

small Lore of Sanctum Omnibus cover

From a sterile world reclaimed to a heartworld abandoned, from the purity of a unicorn to the hunt for the ultimate clock, the Sanctum series uncovers the accumulated traditions and beliefs of every sentient being in the multiverse. This visionary omnibus edition includes The Nemesis Blade, The Echolone Mine, The Nowhere Sphere and The Master Mechanism.

With the energy that connects an ancient sword and throne, a man steps forth to entirely alter the future. Waiting for him is Torrullin Valla, but another is in the wings and wishes to negate the bliss of the Light, sinking into depravity and dragging all with him into a pit of psychic darkness.

Wielding the Lumin Sword and a blade that is all about Catharsis, with Nemesis at his side, The Valla strides through Time itself, scattering behind him both the light and the dark. Only one factor can now save him; sacred space.

In Lore of Sanctum the need for inviolate, sacred space is revealed; it about sanctuary and it also delves into the truth resident in souls.