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Elaina J. Davidson lives in magical Ireland after leaving the surrounds of magnificent Table Mountain at the southern tip of Africa. Having lived in both Ireland and New Zealand, she now realises Ireland’s mists are close to perfection. When writing she puts into words her travels and dreams, because she believes there is inspiration in even the most outrageous tale.


County Kildare, Ireland

After studying Purchasing Management and working in the formal sector as a buyer, she chose to raise and home-school her three children. She started writing novels around 2002, moving from children’s stories, poetry and short stories to concentrate on larger works.

While her main body of work has been her Fantasy Series (Lore of Arcana, Lore of Reaume and Lore of Sanctum), she is a diverse writer and her credits include novels and shorter stories in the Contemporary, Humorous, Paranormal, Dystopian, Alternate History and Romantic genres, as well as a Non-fiction journal. Many of her books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German and Greek.

Southern tip of Africa

Ireland’s ancient past has influenced her writing, gifting her work a Celtic twist, while the majesty of New Zealand has led her to mountaintops and extraordinary vistas. The vibrancy of Africa has had much to do with the inspirational side of Elaina’s work. The colours and diversity of nature itself fires her imagination.

New Zealand South Island

Come with her to places familiar and far, far away!

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