What lies below: Sanctum


As for What lies below: Arcana and What lies below: Reaume, Lore of Sanctum has more to it than meets the eye (or what the covers and titles reveal!). Yes, The Nemesis Blade is certainly about a special sword named as Nemesis (Elianas in Valleur, and if you’ve read the lore to this point, you will know how important Elianas is), while The Echolone Mine definitely deals with the ramifications of a particular mine on the world known as Echolone. The Nowhere Sphere is exactly what it says – a place that is nowhere, where everything is possible – and The Master Mechanism reveals there is a master clock keeping time for the inhabitants of the Lore universe.

There is more, as the image above tells:

  1. Nemesis is also about ultimate change, the kind as intense as a lightning strike
  2. a mine may have more than gold in it, and one must connect those golden dots to discover the secret
  3. everything is possible in Nowhere, even creatures of myth
  4. a master clock must be old, considering how ancient time is, but is it about a device counting the hours, round and around?

What lies below: Reaume


Lore of Reaume. as with Arcana, has more to it than the obvious. Yes, The Kallanon Scales is about dragons (‘scales’ gives it away!) and The Nemisin Star is indeed about a particular star, while The Sleeper Sword reminds of other legends where a sword awaits a particular hand, and The Dreamer Stones will enter dream territory.

But there is more:

  1. the dragon legend is about prophecy and time
  2. the star shining so bright on one night only is about connection
  3. to succeed, one needs a helping hand, even a hero
  4. enter the labyrinth of the mind … and heart


Forbidden Legend

The Tennet system was one of many in the vast Glucano Galaxy that hurtled through the universal fabric at an incredible rate, ever growing and changing shape like an elastic band in manipulative hands. This was an entirely natural phenomenon.

There was nothing sorcerous about the Forbidden Zone; that was limited to its inhabitants. Still, magic abounded, the magic of universal order, the spark that could create thoughtlessly and destroy mindlessly.


The Forbidden Zone was not named due to Mysor habitation – popular belief – or due to ancient evils; it was a legend created by the Valleur to insinuate into the unconscious of those beyond its vast boundaries, much like the fraud perpetuated by Vannis.

In fact, the idea stemmed from that very fraud, for the Arcana myth penetrated the past to reach back into the further reaches of sentient memory. The Arcana myth came to the Valleur of Atrudis also, back in time … and they knew it for what it was. They then conceived of the Forbidden Zone In final analysis it would prove as unsuccessful as the Arcana myth- more so, for the Arcana had a sealed Rift to complete the illusion.

The Murs had come, drawn by the fraud, and enhanced the resident Mysor. The Kallanon came and so had the dreaded Dragon-man- the one it was put in place for, to guard against.

All came because of the object the Forbidden Zone legend sought to protect, the item dating back to the first supreme leader in the universe. The Taliesman. From then to now, age upon age upon age, and while everything had changed, nothing really had. The same war was being fought and was about to become the ultimate battle.

Light versus Dark.

True war.