Forbidden Legend

The Tennet system was one of many in the vast Glucano Galaxy that hurtled through the universal fabric at an incredible rate, ever growing and changing shape like an elastic band in manipulative hands. This was an entirely natural phenomenon.

There was nothing sorcerous about the Forbidden Zone; that was limited to its inhabitants. Still, magic abounded, the magic of universal order, the spark that could create thoughtlessly and destroy mindlessly.


The Forbidden Zone was not named due to Mysor habitation – popular belief – or due to ancient evils; it was a legend created by the Valleur to insinuate into the unconscious of those beyond its vast boundaries, much like the fraud perpetuated by Vannis.

In fact, the idea stemmed from that very fraud, for the Arcana myth penetrated the past to reach back into the further reaches of sentient memory. The Arcana myth came to the Valleur of Atrudis also, back in time … and they knew it for what it was. They then conceived of the Forbidden Zone In final analysis it would prove as unsuccessful as the Arcana myth- more so, for the Arcana had a sealed Rift to complete the illusion.

The Murs had come, drawn by the fraud, and enhanced the resident Mysor. The Kallanon came and so had the dreaded Dragon-man- the one it was put in place for, to guard against.

All came because of the object the Forbidden Zone legend sought to protect, the item dating back to the first supreme leader in the universe. The Taliesman. From then to now, age upon age upon age, and while everything had changed, nothing really had. The same war was being fought and was about to become the ultimate battle.

Light versus Dark.

True war.

Map of Lines

This excerpt was removed from The Kallanon Scales:

The Mysor Map of Lines remained an enigma.

Tennet existed, and was in the Forbidden Zone, but what did the lines mean? Lines connecting planets with the appearance of real purpose, thought to show pattern or path, yet proven spurious parallels. A more obscure reason, such as confusion, or a threat of some sort, proved too tenuous. Creed never solved it and perhaps it was as simple as challenge or intrigue … conceived to catch the eye. Perhaps it was meant to draw challengers to root false claimants out. A terrible thought, for many died in seeing it.

The Mysor map was not an invention, however. The positioning of the planets and their names were true reflections. Tennet did hold nine planets in its thrall; five outer and four inner, and the bright, youthful star had varied effect on each.

Plural, Kish and Lucan were outermost, generally known as the Triplets, swinging in similar orbit, visible to each other. All were moonless, but their proximity gifted atmosphere and gravity.

Atrudis was next in line, and possessed varied climate. Hot summers, cold, frigid winters, and an equatorial region that rarely surprised. Not a large world, but not as small as the Triplets, one satellite.

Pharos, the final outer planet, had an elliptical orbit that took centuries to complete. It was true wasteland. Not even the tiniest microbe lived there. It was moonless and usually missing from the night skies of the other worlds.

Of the four inner planets, Mitrayl was furthest out, a huge world with two satellites, Trap and Link, each of those as big again as the Triplets. A strange world. Fresh water and great plains, bubbling, petrified swamps, dead salt oceans, fertile mountains rivalling the most spectacular in the universe, and literally hundreds of active volcanoes. It was as if the forces of good and evil competed daily.

Third lay tiny Cypriot and swinging around it an even tinier moon. Not much was known about Cypriot.

Second from Tennet was Karakan- an enormous world, far larger than Mitrayl. It was a paradise despite its close relationship with the sun, where no one need go hungry. A planet-sized moon, Muriel, orbited benignly, causing regulated tides and steady gravity.

The innermost world was Urac, a desert planet. It had a small moon, sterile and ugly. The next solar flare was bound to see Urac shrivel.

mysor map - smaller

The Kallanon Scales – New Cover!

A glorious new cover and an internal edit also – viola! the all new The Kallanon Scales!

Small 2018 Kallanon ebook cover

An ancient map points the way

An ancient map, a strange prophecy, and anyone who dares speak of it, dies.

A new enemy enters the Valla arena, but this one is as old as time and seeks a forbidden place. An ancient map points the way. Sorcery and technology work together to contain a creature created of time and fire.

The terrible secret of the source of Valla power is uncovered and, as friends and family are murdered, Torrullin reveals the truth about the Valla Dragon, a secret about greed from the era of Nemisin. Hurting after Saska abandons him, Torrullin hurtles into battle when his twin sons are kidnapped, and takes with him into danger a pilot, a navigator and an innocent girl – they are the Dalrish seeking escape from Xen III.

Another truth rears up, the tale of the Nine who fled into the Forbidden Zone with a strange taliesman in the shape of a dragon.

“There are dragons in my future,” Torrullin once tells Quilla of the Q’lin’la … and that future is now.

Quilla knows who the fire creatures are; the Q’lin’la fled them in ancient time. They are the Kallanon, the Glittering Darkness.

War erupts on a world no more than a circle on an ancient map, a world hidden in the time of the Nine. There Torrullin discovers who his sons really are, Taranis confronts his inner demons, Bartholamu of the Siric faces his arch-nemesis, Q’lin’la and Kallanon are thrown into the same melting pot, an ancient emperor speaks again, the new Lady of Life is born, the Dalrish have a profound effect on Torrullin, and Vannis seeks revenge.

The Kallanon Scales is an epic journey into the realms of time and legend, and forever alters the future.



Redemption Prophecy

Redemption will come in a form unknown to us and it will be a living sentient thing. And in its maleness will reside a tempest; The One, who shall have power to lead light over dark to overcome it eternal. Beware the passion of such beauty. We shall leave our haven in search of this sentient to bask in the light. Shall we return with it or shall the Dark Dragons follow to annihilate its glow?

Prophecy of Dragonne Queen Riana, 23rd of the title


The Kallanon Scales

Prophecy: Time’s Timekeeper

Time’s timekeeper never sleeps

forever telling the tale

of twin war gods

come to their father

seeking magic to eliminate

the monsters of worlds

and in the telling

remind of a taliesman

fashioned in purest gold

a cavorting little dragon

a key, a truth

a legend, a king

the Mysor of old

dragons once, hidden now

hold in their palms

a glorious green sword

a beautiful blue sword

the magic that will

slay the old monsters

remember eternally an anniversary

a coming of age

number five and twenty

time’s timekeeper is awake.

The Forbidden Zone Prophecy penned in Valleur, source unknown