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From a sterile world reclaimed to a heartworld abandoned, from the purity of a unicorn to the hunt for the ultimate clock, the Sanctum series uncovers the accumulated traditions and beliefs of every sentient being in the multiverse. This visionary omnibus edition includes The Nemesis Blade, The Echolone Mine, The Nowhere Sphere and The Master Mechanism.

With the energy that connects an ancient sword and throne, a man steps forth to entirely alter the future. Waiting for him is Torrullin Valla, but another is in the wings and wishes to negate the bliss of the Light, sinking into depravity and dragging all with him into a pit of psychic darkness.

Wielding the Lumin Sword and a blade that is all about Catharsis, with Nemesis at his side, The Valla strides through Time itself, scattering behind him both the light and the dark. Only one factor can now save him; sacred space.

In Lore of Sanctum the need for inviolate, sacred space is revealed; it about sanctuary and it also delves into the truth resident in souls.


It’s about PEOPLE

Most tales have a number of facets to them. A Romance may delve into the horror of war. A funny story may have a profound undertone. A Historical may contain battles, romance and the political climate of the day. Science Fiction wouldn’t work if everything was about the tech; always there is the human element. All of it centres around people, though.

Fantasy goes there, too. The tales are not just about incredible creatures and fantastical landscapes. In fact, the best Fantasy is sort of ‘normal’, set in places familiar to us (with a tweak or three!) and characters we are able to identify with (with a bit extra, of course, such a heroic, reluctant, powerful, evil and so forth – they are identifiable, but occasionally larger than life also).

The Lore Series, whether you read one book or the entire series, would not hold attention long or stand the test of time if everything was fantastical and put forth battle good after battle evil. A good tale needs people in all their weaknesses and strengths, their soul-searching and their terrible resolve, in order to shine. The reader (you!) wants to identify with the main character, fall in love with the sidekick, absolutely despise the bastard causing so much grief, and feel sad with the man in his grief, laugh with the woman happy in her own skin.


As writers we are readers also, and therefore, over the next few weeks, I’ll tell you about the people in Lore. I will share with you the romances blooming, love failing, family dynamics, the questions they ask themselves, where they come from and what they hope for. Some of this will be in excerpt form, a moment where one pauses and wonders, and some will be the reader in me simply sharing my viewpoint of interwoven personalities.

My wish is for you to fall in love with the people populating my universe! Do come back and discover who they are!


Dance of Death

His lungs could take no more.

Teroux had nothing left to fight off the grasping desperation around him, but he wanted to live! He thrashed and managed to dislodge fingers clutching at his throat. He kicked hard against a tumbling, inert form, using it as leverage, and fought his way through the press of bodies, some so intertwined in the dance of death he would lose his way if he did not go around them. He had but seconds before he swayed in an eternal current of oblivion.

His lungs were a-fire, his eyes extended in the effort to hold, to save, to have that final breath of life.

Teroux kicked against debris, felt his fingers stiffen.

Is it true one stiffens before the nerveless state of death?

In blind panic, he surged up with everything he had left.

And pierced the inky surface of a silent, calm lake.


Gasping, spluttering, he drew in precious air. It burned worse than a lack of had, but was also the most glorious sensation in the entire universe. He drew more in, held, released, again and again. Life was precious, so very special.

Debris from the ship bobbed silently, accusingly, upon still water. Amid the destruction, lifeless remains of crew and passengers floated.

It was calm and quiet, when half an hour ago everything was chaos and all was insanity.

Teroux swam to a broken spar, wrapped arms around it, rested his head against the swaying wood, and surrendered consciousness.

He had given all.

The Nowhere Sphere