Prophecy: Time’s Timekeeper

Time’s timekeeper never sleeps

forever telling the tale

of twin war gods

come to their father

seeking magic to eliminate

the monsters of worlds

and in the telling

remind of a taliesman

fashioned in purest gold

a cavorting little dragon

a key, a truth

a legend, a king

the Mysor of old

dragons once, hidden now

hold in their palms

a glorious green sword

a beautiful blue sword

the magic that will

slay the old monsters

remember eternally an anniversary

a coming of age

number five and twenty

time’s timekeeper is awake.

The Forbidden Zone Prophecy penned in Valleur, source unknown




Steps of the Magical Condition

The Steps of the Magical Condition is a manual used by sorcerers and wizards to train apprentices and inform laymen of the basics of sorcery. Below is an excerpt that lists the fourteen main talents.


“Manifold are the talents of the sorcerer. We tend to list the majors, 1 to 14, in a dictionary of terms such as this, because the authors attempt to instil the principle of the ruling number. But, reader, manifold are the talents of a sorcerer.”


The Sight – seeing over distance

The Sight – employing visions

Mind Reading and Speaking

Retrieval of objects from afar, both from the physical plane and the ether

Transport of Mind and Body across Space (foundation)

Transport of Mind and Body across Time (mastery)

The Shield of Defence

Control of the Elements (foundation)

Manipulation of the Elements (mastery)

Physical Flight

Invisibility Cloaking

Extension of Life-expectancy (foundation)

Immortality Ritual (mastery)

Creation, Light, heat, sustenance, weaponry … and also thought and emotion




The LORE Series as a whole, its grand message, is about TIME.

Not time as in time travel (although there is some of that), and not time as in a generational story (yes, there is that, too), but rather the concept.

What is it?

Who made it?

Who measured it?

Do all measure the same?

Is time an imperative?



Now, when you’re attempting to deal with a complicated and disputable concept, a writer needs characters able to move through time, see time, know time, BE time, and those characters need to, therefore, be either deathless or as near as.

Yes, immortals.

Time is about eras, eons, years, epochs, millennia, days, seconds, minutes and ages. Take your pick, because to an immortal it is highly relative.

The point of this post, though, is a word I came across recently:


Eons are also aeons (a word I love!) and therefore aeonian is pretty self-explanatory, and yet, for some obscure reason, it is new to me (gasp!). And, indeed, I have fallen for this glorious and beautiful word. It exudes the concept TIME.

I want to ask the question I am now asking myself. Should I substitute the word ‘immortal’ for ‘aeonian’ in the Lore books? Perhaps that is too much, a pretentious writer’s trick?

Perhaps an all-new tale is written into the scribe’s imagination!




A Desert World

Akhavar’s Gallery showcases a dry world, a sterile environment. This was the first Valleur world, but it was abandoned when the water ran out. In Lore of Sanctum the Lady of Life has worked her magic to restore fertility and soon the Valleur begin the return to their First Home. In the mountain enclave, aquifers hold water, but Akhavar also holds deep secrets.

The ancient past is about to smack everyone about the head!



Dancing Suns

In view of Sanctum reaching an end, for more insight feel free to visit the galleries on Facebook.

This one is for Aurora, because the dancing in the skies has inspired much of the lore in LORE. In fact, there are three distinct eras for this mighty tale:

Era of Dancing Suns

Era of Settling Stars

Era of Dying Moons

Guess where the aurora phenomenon fits in!

aurora sanctum


A timedancer split the strands.

He saw hexagons in spheres and rectangles in spirals. He heard time as a tick-tick-tick in the fabric of vacuum. Every contradiction had a place and all was in sync with the stones of the ether.

It did not make sense.

space warp

It made every kind of sense.

Tannil smirked as he bowed over his hands in the geographic centre of the stone dwelling upon Avaelyn. It was a circular tower topped with a pyramid carved from an emerald. Hidden from view amid the rocks of the mountain behind, it allowed green light to filter through into a darker region of the natural dwelling.


He closed his eyes and whispered upon the silence. He entwined his fingers to form the lattice of coercion and blew gently upon the rising manipulation he cupped between his palms.

Too easy, Torrullin. I wish you were less involved with your emotions and more in tune with the factors of time and sorcery; that would be a challenge worth pursuing.

Ah, well. Sometimes easy was best.