Of Caves and Cauldrons

The Dragon Circle is the fourth book in Lore of Arcana, and this is a game-changer. So much alters, so many promises are kept, so many frayed ends are snipped away … and so much is unsaid and lays the groundwork for the first book in Lore of Reaume.

dragon prologue 1

dragon prologue 2



This is also the endgme for Torrullin and Margus, but it will be hard fought.

dragon page 1

… yes, hard fought, indeed.



Son of Darkness

Margus, the Darak Or, is human, born beyond this realm. When his world’s sun loses its life-giving properties, everything is plunged into gloom and horror. Nothing grows and survivors turn on each other to eat, degenerating eventually into mindless creatures. He survives by reaching for immortality, but loses his sanity.

With all hope lost and no means of ever restoring what was once a wholesome way of life, boredom and a desire to avenge himself on those who know the light, has him collecting souls from the miserable creatures populating his world. Finally he has an army, and he has every intention of using each ‘soldier’.

Despite the darkness in his soul, Margus desires a world with a benign sun and will do anything to secure it. Valaris is the prize.

As a character, Margus is the worst of the worst. He has no conscience and nothing in all realms will sway him, and yet, as we discover his past and the horror that befell him, an odd sort of compassion for this son of darkness will be yours.

Is empathy enough, though, to overlook the slaughter of so many?


Interview with Margus

In this session, Blue speaks to the Darak Or


(Recorded outside the entrance to the cave system contained within the Stairs Mountains on Valaris)


Blue: My lord, a word, please?

Margus: Who are you?

Blue: Folk call me Blue and I record the words of others.

Margus: You are akin to a reporter?

Blue: I am surprised you know what a reporter is.

Margus: I did not attain adulthood in a vacuum. My homeworld was advanced. How did you get here? Can you not see Valaris is about to enter a state of war? What do you want? I should kill you now and be done with this distraction.

Blue: Sometimes one needs take the risk for posterity. You may not win this thing you are engaged in. I may never speak to you again.

Margus: You definitely will not be speaking to me again. I do admire your courage, however. You have two minutes.

Blue: How are you called and where do you come from?

Margus: I am Margus and I come from a world beyond the Rift.

Blue: We’ve heard a tear erupted in space. And we also heard you brought an army with you.

Margus: My soltakin, yes.

Blue: The term is new to me. What is a soltakin?

Margus: A wraith. A soul without a body. It appears as a shadow and its touch is deadly. It hates and its sole purpose is to kill. It wants, above all, to extinguish the light in everyone and everything. Creatures after my own heart.


Blue: What is you plan for Valaris?

Margus: Valaris will be mine.

Blue: Was that Infinity I saw with you a few minutes ago? Have you made a deal with her?

Margus: Your time is over.

Blue: Please answer the question … and one other. I shall be on my way after.

Margus: I want the dara-witch’s darklings under my control. The deal I made with Infinity will last only as long as it takes to achieve that. Then? Use your imagination.

Blue: Yes, she is hard to abide, isn’t she? Few will mourn her passing, I think.

Margus: Your final question.

Blue: Who is Margus the man?

Margus: I am no longer a man. Your question has no relevance.

Blue: What are you?

Margus: I am the Darak Or, little girl. Now get from my sight before I prove exactly what that is.


(Blue River Frond decides to leave then. She never does speak to Margus again.)

Noble Enemy and Evil Foe

So I’m sitting here and thinking about enemies. Not mine (hope I don’t have any!) but the enemies that populate tales of all kinds.

Having mentioned before how I deal with the classic concept of having a Dark Lord in my series, I thought I’d do a post about the antagonists in Lore.

A list, not a massive expose (an expose will take an entire book!)


The four Arcana books concentrate on Margus, the Darak Or, and his soltakin army, and Infinity, the dara-witch, and her darklings.

PhotoFunia-1498050068 (2)

The four Reaume books are about Neolone, Dragon, and the return of an enemy believed killed in the Arcana series.

my name is neolone

The four Sanctum books are a little more complicated, but the main antagonists are the Warlock of Digilan and the Timekeeper.


Enemies in fiction are great to write about! With them you are able to let go. We will be expounding (only a little!) about each of these, but meanwhile grab yourself a copy of THE INFINITY MANTLE for only 99c and begin this epic journey!

The Inimitable Dark Lord

Our tales need an enemy.

It may be the characters’ own dark thoughts. It could be a terrible stepmother, or a tyrant in the workplace. A bloodthirsty creature in the woods near a small town or a virus about to decimate the world.

Yes, our tales need an enemy!

In Fantasy the ‘Dark Lord’ scenario is often used and it is true here a GREAT enemy drives the story onward.


When I started writing the LORE series there was a Dark Lord, but I soon grew bored with him.

He is still there, but he isn’t called the dark lord (he has a much better title!) and he doesn’t perpetuate evil for the sake of evil. He has very good reasons for his choices, although his manipulations are on a grander scale than a man sitting alone and plotting evil upon his neighbour would achieve.

Also, as the story progresses, there is a chance you might even sympathise with him, and in the future you may even come to encourage him into choosing a new path.

Soon I will tell you about Margus …

You must be wondering what Margus looks like!

lore meme