Orphan and/or Chosen

Yes, it is true many fantasy series include an orphan who becomes something or someone greater than the circumstances of his or her life determines at the point the tale begins.

Or the ‘chosen one’ may be from a family in dire need. Perhaps someone is whisked away into another realm and has to stand up in order to return home.

Many will say the above is ‘cliche’ , while others will talk about ‘heroic fiction’. It depends entirely on the readers viewpoint. From a writer’s POV, it either works or it doesn’t.


There is an orphan within the pages of ARCANA (there’s the ‘cliche’) but you will meet her as an adult. While she certainly has a mighty role, she may be someone other than the ‘chosen’.

If you read between these cliche lines, there is, point of fact, someone else you need to focus on – Rayne. Rayne chooses himself, in fact, and is a flawed individual. Love or hate him (an emotional conundrum the orphan struggles with), he is the glue.

When you have met Rayne, do let us know whether you love or hate him!

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