To Stories Old and Stories New

We are all shaped by stories. Not only do each of us live our own stories, but daily we are in contact with family and friends who share their lives and therefore their stories with us. Social media has stories to tell. We watch series, movies, listen to audio books, read … stories, so many stories. Some are real, some are fiction, some are stranger than fiction, and yet every story does shape who we are.

From a writer’s point of view, stories, yours, mine, everything read or heard, influences the tales that take shape on the page. Just as they affect daily life, thus it is for the book being gradually typed into cohesion – how not? We are, after all, the sum of all our experiences.

It’s true that writers read, and have read from an early age and usually voraciously; we, therefore, carry within us hosts of tales, and they do influence us. So, which stories helped shape my writing journey?

As you know, Fantasy is my first love when it comes to telling stories. I must then acknowledge the tales I read when younger and continue to read now, starting with Lord of the Rings, including the Hobbit, Silmarillion and more. Oh, I’m a huge fan! For instance, J.R.R. Tolkien’s sense of a quest? Tick. Fantastical creatures? Tick. Good vs evil? Tick. His mention of the first age, the second, and the age of man and so forth? Tick. Time plays a pivotal role in my work.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Funnily enough, I only read Wheel of Time after having written my first four books, and can therefore with honesty say that Robert Jordan didn’t influence my writing from the outset, but his imagination certainly did open vistas for me later. Of course, when Brandon Sanderson was elected to complete his series, I wondered whether it would work. It did, if you want to know. Mr Sanderson did an excellent job finishing off Wheel of Time.

I had just started reading Game of Thrones when the series hit the small screen with such impact. By then, other than the final two books, I had already done most of the work needed for my series. George R.R. Martin did not shape my writing, but he did reveal that it was fine to be dark in our stories. For the light to shine, our stories need to be dark, too.

If there is one series I feel needs mention, it’s J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. While I can’t say that Harry and his sidekicks influenced my writing, it’s true that when the first movie hit the big screen my kids were Harry’s age at the time, and year after year we went together to watch, across countries and even when my kids were too old to need mom at the cinema – it was a journey we wished to complete together! That sense of expectation and that wonderful acknowledgment of great imagination, well, that has helped me.

There are two more series I feel shaped my main body of work, and I read these before, between and after having completed my own series. The first is Steven Erikson’s Malazan Books of the Fallen, and I have to admit that this is my all-time favourite read. The Malazan series is deep, complicated, beyond all imagination, filled with so much emotion, so many twists … I am utterly blown away. In no manner have I emulated Mr Erikson (impossible), but he taught me that the layered, the complicated, the lessons in fiction, all of that is eminently readable, to not shy from it.

The second is Frank Herbert’s Dune series. I watched the original movie when younger (there’s another coming in December), loved it, watched the series later made for television, loved it, and only then did I start reading the actual series, years later. Oh my. Yes, I’m a Tolkien fan, and the Malazan books are my favourites, but Dune is incredible. Also layered and complicated and making statements referring to society (fiction goes where reality fears to read, after all!) and it feels both ancient and new simultaneously. That sense of time, the truly old and the brand, shiny new, has influenced my thought processes when writing.

Of course, as reader, I can go on and on about the books, movies and series that have influenced me … but this narrative will then be a thesis! As writer, I sometimes hope that my fiction is completely original, and then acknowledge the stories that have shaped so many of us, and thus they did the same for me. We are, after all, the sum of our experiences, and stories will ever intertwine.

Here’s to stories old and new! Enjoy every journey!

Reaume Dedications

Time has moved on since writing the LORE Series, and thus it’s intriguing now to go back and rediscover the journey, and dedications form part of that. As discussed for the Arcana four, here, too, is a tale.

Again, as the journey commences in The Kallanon Scales, it is family that deserves praise:

kallanon dedication.png

In The Nemisin Star, acknowledgement goes to the tools of magic, and those tools include you, reader, for it is you who feels the magic.

nemisin dedication.png

For The Sleeper Sword, again family triumphs! While it is a truth that family doesn’t often read our stories, their faces and personalities serve as inspiration.

sleeper dedication.png

The Dreamer Stones is the largest volume in the LORE Series, and in some way, for me, was the most intense writing experience. Guess that’s why it’s dedicated to all …

dreamer dedication.png


The Sleeper Sword!

Brand new cover!


Sleeper Sword redone 2019 with title (3)

Thank you to Southern Stiles Design!


The Sleeper is Awake

Two thousand years have passed since the epic explosion of the Valleur Throne. After employing the golden seat as a weapon, Torrullin enters the invisible realms and drags the Darak Or with him, thereby gifting the universe a time of unprecedented peace.

Now there are multiple signs of approaching doom. A new threat rises on the cursed horizon. It is time for the Sleeper Sword to awaken.

Torrullin is ready to return to Valaris, but cannot exit the invisible realm without aid. Samuel is Torrullin’s kinsman, and his fate is forged to the greatest sorcerer the cosmos has ever known. He swears to hold his hand out to Torrullin, to feel the blood of kin.

The old players gather for a renewal of the fateful games. This time, however, the duel between a father and son will wound many, including Valla kin. Torrullin needs to build a relationship with his grandson Tannil, the new Vallorin, save Fay from hell, rescue Saska from captivity, and find the means to end Tymall. Their duel will reverberate throughout the universe.

In an endless adventure of urgency and drama, the on-going saga of Torrullin’s role as saviour is as a sharp as the sword he wields and as blunt as his acerbic tongue. Wherever he goes someone will be hurt. To love him is to be ruined, to hate him is to be ruined.

Dreams of sacrifice haunt him. Perhaps true catharsis lies in the realm of dreams.

B.D.S.M :)

What does a Bluebell have to do with a labyrinth? This is Lore of Reaume in microcosm: from mythical Dragons in The Kallanon Scales to the Temple of Stars in The Nemisisn Star, and from bluebells in a strange place in The Sleeper Sword to Mazes of the mind, heart and reality in The Dreamer Stones, the pace is swift and takes you to the oddest spaces.

Avior’s Doors

This is the final short story insert for the LORE Series and slots in between The Nemesis Blade and The Echolone Mine … and, yes, it’s about doors, special doors 🙂

avior cover

An ancient people uncover an even older door buried in an obscure place. This mystery leads to strange truths regarding magic and maths … and a host of doors.

A time comes when Avior faces annihilation. To save the future, they use what they learned of doors to create a truly special one. This door leads to a shadowy place, but the future requires those shadows.

Available for free via KU – Amazon

Forewarned is forearmed

On Fore-knowledge: There are various ‘states’ in which one may know something that may come to pass, among these:-


Premonition; the state of anticipating an event

Precognition; a more neutral advance knowing

Telepathy; a distant feeling, and not to be confused with mind communication

Clairvoyance; a clear seeing- a seer is expert in this art

Dreams; where a visitation of an event occurs in the unconscious and may be recalled

Dream incubation: a deliberate state, preceded by cleansing rituals

Scrying; technique, of which there are many, to produce images of the future

Omens; a happening that precedes the vent by way of symbolism

Auguries; a form of divination based on ritualistic behaviour, a chance outcome

Waking imagery: visions

Borderland imagery; the state of semi-awareness between waking and sleeping

Lucid dreams; dreams within dreams

Oracle; person or persons claiming to possess the means to see the future