Big McSee

MCSEE chooses to study the theory of sorcery on Valaris where magic is anathema and is a member of the Society of Sorcerers based in Gasmoor. Of course, as with the Mantle, this society is a secret and few know of it. He is a big man with fiery red hair and beard, and never stands aside in a brawl, and yet he is envious when he realises what Rayne is capable of (born, after all, to the same conditioning) and this escalates when it is revealed Taranis, Guardian, is Valarian also. McSee has the theory of magic, but has never put it into practice, and thus feels unworthy … and envious.

As Rayne arrives in Farinwood in search of Aven, so does McSee in search of Rayne. They meet, and from then on travel together, but it’s a prickly situation.

Will McSee overcome his bias?

Kristofer Hivju reminds me of McSee!

Self-styled Sorcerer

AVEN is a self-styled sorcerer living in Farinwood when The Infinity Mantle commences. It is to Aven that Rayne goes, hoping for insight into the threat Infinity presents to Valaris. Aven brought Rayne into the Mantle as a boy and trained him in sorcery. Rayne calls him stubborn and tough and they have issues, but also love each other. Aven is an old man now, but follows Rayne to the meeting in the Great Forest, because he dare not leave Averroes alone. Averroes is his ward and he loves her as much as he does Rayne, but in his opinion she needs protecting.

Over the course of the four Lore of Arcana books, Aven is instrumental in bringing the hidden truth about the Valleur to light, and he, along with others from the Mantle, sets up a Relief Centre in Galilan after their world suffers calamity.

He is an opinionated old coot and will make you smile more than once!