As I’m still writing the final book in the Terra series, this cover may yet change from the pastoral (perfectly describes Avaelyn!) to something that reflects the grander story, much like Lykandir has ‘clocks’ on it to showcase the measuring. Who knows? But, for now, this is AVAELYN’s cover, and below it the four Ancient Terra books are together. Now that the cover project draws to a close, I’ll be concentrating on writing again. My hope is to have the first draft done before year end 🙂

“Who are you?”

An author friend wrote this a while ago, and it resonated so much with me that I saved it. Having cleared out some of my files (had to de-clutter!), I found it again … and again, it resonated. I’m sharing it because I feel this is what happens when reading my lore – the reader begins to ask questions, and that is always a good state.