Omnibus in Print

As you know, Lore of Arcana is already in print, and encompasses all four books – The Infinity Mantle, The Kinfire Tree, The Drowned Throne and The Dragon Circle – but doing the same for Lore of Reaume and Lore of Sanctum proved to be a challenge; there was simply no way to fit all four books into one omnibus print edition, this despite some creative formatting to make everything fit!

The only option was to create print editions of two books each. Therefore, Lore of Reaume: Part OneThe Kallanon Scales and The Nemisin Star – and Lore of Reaume: Part Two – The Sleeper Sword and The Dreamer Stones.

Same for Sanctum. Lore of Sanctum: Part OneThe Nemesis Blade and The Echolone Mine – and Lore of Sanctum: Part Two The Nowhere Sphere and The Master Mechanism.

While these are pricey, given their size each, they look magnificent together. Photo shoot soon!

Of Rainbows and Portals

I have collated all the LORE short stories into one volume! And it’s available in paperback too ๐Ÿ™‚

rainbows and portals

Every great story has hidden depths. Discover in this OMNIBUS EDITION the insights and the fantastical woven from the Lore of Arcana/Reaume/Sanctum Series. From natural rainbows to portals into other realms, from worlds off the track to giant planets swerving in space, these are the extras compiled into one volume:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-Wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia

The Wolves of Valaris

The Tower of Stairs

The Glittering Darkness

The Beyond for Vannis

Aviorโ€™s Doors


Rainbows & Portals