Flight for the Light

Birds of a feather protect together

When the Lore series started with an idea and a blank page, creating guardians for this universe was an imperative, but not just any old guardian – beings able to stand the test of time itself.

Therefore, Guardians.

The protectors have a magical enclave where they gather (more on that in another post) and they are summoned to duty via a magical call, We are thus talking BIG magic, and therefore the Guardians needed to be special.

You have ‘met’ the Centuar, the Siric, the Sylmer and the Sagorin. Soon you will meet their leader, yet this lore required something added. Something fleet and fast, something able to fly, literally, under the radar.



Yes, here are echoes of the LOTR, but these birds are not giants and they don’t swoop in at the last moment to save the day.

Meet now the Eagles and the Falcons. Normal bird-size, but with brighter plumage. Eagle-eyed and alert, with sentience to aid every quiver in their wingtips during flight. These birds communicate via mindspeak and are able to inveigle themselves into places and spaces a mighty Centuar dares not appear in.

There is more to their story, however, than their vow as Guardians, but as that requires a whole other post, we will get to it then.

In particular, you will meet Phet, the little blue Falcon, a charismatic bird who chooses to place his loyalty with one man, and nothing and no one will ever sway him from his choice.


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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