The Songs of Deep Places

Meet the Sylmer of Canimer

“Canimer was a water world. Floating masses of seaweed were the closest comparison to solid ground. The Sylmer were dual water and air breathers, genetic advantage scientists elsewhere attempted to emulate for eons. In all human cultures one heard tell of mythical ‘mermaids and mermen’, referring to beautiful humanoid creatures living in the depths, possessing sleek fishtails, elusive and shy. According to those myths they drove many a sailing vessel onto rocks with their siren songs; they also saved many a sailor from certain drowning in unfriendly seas.

The Sylmer were these creatures of myth. How they crept into human tales remained unknown. Perhaps at one time they shared space with humans. If so, such a time had long gone. Canimer had never seen a human face, much less enticed something with a siren song.”


“To achieve immortality the Sylmer completed a series of tasks of spiralling difficulty, and a council of Elders chose the candidates. After the Ritual’s success, the new Immortal lost his or her tail and always they yearned for the freedom of the deep.”

Saska is the Sylmer you will fall in love with!

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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