Those weird epitaphs

About strange names and spelling

If you love Fantasy, you have come across strange spelling and weird names.

This is the final insight about classic concepts employed in Fantasy. Of course there are others, yet it is time to move on to the characters, creatures and worlds populating the Lore ‘verse.

These concepts have been explored:


Chosen One

Wise One

Dark Lord

Beauty vs Ugliness

Uniform Races



We love to read something different, something that instantly reveals we are on a fantastical journey and it is time to suspend belief. Readers love it, writers do too!


Occasionally, however, it goes a bit far, and we end up frowning in trying to grasp a thread of familiarity. We are taken out of the tale when it gets too ‘other’. While ‘different’ is awesome, there is also a point of no return and that’s when we abandon a book.

Still, there has to be a little strangeness!

Allow me to expound just a little about strange spelling and weird names in the Lore series. ‘Normal’ words are spelled ‘normally’ in LORE, while the made-up ones (of course there are made-up ones!) are easy to read and remember. There is strangeness, yes, but it never overshadows the story.

Lumin – Light

Darak – evil/dark

Darak Or – Dark Lord

Darak Fallen – those who walk in darkness

Lumin Kindred – those who walk in the light …

… to name a few!

Do enter the Lore series to discover so much more 🙂


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Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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