Order of Taranis

About religion in Fantasy

Religion in Fantasy (or in any genre) is contentious. Unless the tale involves a specific set of beliefs (whether real or imaginary) and is structured around a central worship, it is better to steer clear.

While there is religion (because a believable fantasy world and its people simply requires it) in the Lore series, it isn’t the driving force behind the story, ever.

These systems of belief/worship form part of the grand design:



Followers of the Prophet Monchalar

Order of Continuity

Now you’re asking yourself why the title ‘Order of Taranis’?

Are you in for a treat!

Taranis has been deified into human consciousness due to past heroic deeds. Thus, on the world Valaris, he is a god. Oh, but he is something and someone else entirely!


Here’s to hoping you will plunge into the complicated simplicity that is Taranis. Either grab The Infinity Mantle now or come back and discover more about Taranis when I share insights about the main characters in Lore 🙂

(Taranis is one of my favourites!)

Elaina Lore of Arcana 1 The Infinity Mantle (2)

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