The Inimitable Dark Lord

Our tales need an enemy.

It may be the characters’ own dark thoughts. It could be a terrible stepmother, or a tyrant in the workplace. A bloodthirsty creature in the woods near a small town or a virus about to decimate the world.

Yes, our tales need an enemy!

In Fantasy the ‘Dark Lord’ scenario is often used and it is true here a GREAT enemy drives the story onward.


When I started writing the LORE series there was a Dark Lord, but I soon grew bored with him.

He is still there, but he isn’t called the dark lord (he has a much better title!) and he doesn’t perpetuate evil for the sake of evil. He has very good reasons for his choices, although his manipulations are on a grander scale than a man sitting alone and plotting evil upon his neighbour would achieve.

Also, as the story progresses, there is a chance you might even sympathise with him, and in the future you may even come to encourage him into choosing a new path.

Soon I will tell you about Margus …

You must be wondering what Margus looks like!

lore meme

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