Age of the Q’lin’la

Quilla stood, clasped his hands into a cradle.

“How old do you think we are, my friends? I attempted to calculate the vast period and am defeated in the task. We are ancient, prehistoric, pre-everything in this universe, and as such have learned to take the long view. We regard time as something invented by those who cannot grasp its true nature. They think linear, therefore they tally linear, their lives too short to take note of the curve. We see it as an element that has no beginning or end, for it is an eternal circle, tiny and gigantic simultaneously. It is, was, will be, and then beyond, and we ride the curve. How do you put a number to that? An instant is forever and forever is an instant. Time can be distorted, stilled, hastened ahead, and change nothing or change everything. It is its own master.”


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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