New Dragons, New Book

An author and friend has to smile when she sees this! Thank you, Toni!

Toni Cox Fantasy Author

August and September this year were the most hectic months of this year and I am sorry you did not get to hear from me as often. However, I did finish Forbidden Elemental and I successfully survived Comic-Con Africa 2018.

I took a brief hiatus afterwards and, for a short while, the question of “what’s next” hovered menacingly over my head. Once I got over the “I finished my trilogy” feeling, I realised there is nothing to worry about, as I still have three more Elemental Short Stories I am working on, one of which I am hoping to release this year still.

Next on my release list is my dystopian fantasy Resilient, which I have already started. This is to give me a small break from the Elemental Saga before I dive back into the world of the Life Planets of the Milky Way. There are five more trilogies on…

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