Water = Life

Valaris (world) is the main focus of the four Arcana books, and has some interesting places.

Mountains play a huge role, as do rivers …

… lakes …

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… islands …


Valaris is, in fact, a water world. There is far more water than land, which is why the symbology inherent in water is ultimate.

Water = Life

Up next are the desolated spaces


The Nemesis Blade

The first new cover for Lore of Sanctum!

Elaina Lore of Sanctum 1 (2)

Torrullin’s sanctuary is invaded by a desperate call through the spaces. Someone has stolen the Xenian seer Lowen Dalrish, and he suspects it is Agnimus, the draithen who nearly annihilated his world and then vanished without a trace.

It is time for Elixir to stand forth. Time demands it of him.

Meanwhile three Valla heirs await the rising of the Valleur Throne; only one will be chosen as Vallorin. When a prophecy is uncovered about Three Kingdoms and rumours of an army secretly building to prevent it, Torrullin realises the three heirs to the Throne are in danger, for the warmongers believe he will carve out three kingdoms, one for each heir.

It is time to deploy Nemesis, the mighty blade forged of two, of both darak and lumin.

As activity becomes frenetic in the spaces, the dark man of Torrullin’s visions and dreams stirs and becomes aware of the newness in the ether. He now seeks release from his long incarceration. He knows how to find the missing seer; more than that, he is the catalyst to releasing long-suppressed memory.

It is time for Torrullin’s Nemesis to stand forth. His name is Elianas.


Colourful Expletives

When I first penned Lore of Arcana (Yes, penned! Pen and scrap paper was how it all started!), I wrote it with the word ‘fuck’ in its various guises. When initially published, it went to press as is.

Later, though, in the interests of a more general readership, the f-word was taken out, replaced with other colourful expletives, and holds true for the four Lore of Arcana volumes and the four Lore of Reaume.

The last four books (Lore of Sanctum) do have them swear words. If you have read to the point of picking up The Nemesis Blade (Sanctum 1), you will understand the agony and anger, and will no doubt agree some emotions are better expressed using a decent f-word. Lore of Sanctum is much darker than what went before, and also has a few surprises I refuse to reveal – absolutely knowledge those in the know will, well, know after having undertaken the journey.

This, therefore, is a head’s-up. When you get to Nemesis, know it gets brutal, raw, and so much more. In a manner I did not envision, Lore of Sanctum is the pay-off, a reward for readers who ‘grew up’ with this Lore Series. Conversely, it is also very bright, because it is about sanctum, after all, which is both sanctuary and sacred space.


Another head’s-up: The final book of this epic series is about to be put up on pre-order. Cover reveal coming soon!

Dreams and Dreamers

Torrullin summons Lucan Dalrish to explain dreams to him and Tristan:

“Dreams, the nocturnal wandering of the mind, and let me qualify by saying that is the accepted view or description. In fact, a dream isn’t bound to the dark hours, but may occur any time a subject reaches a semi-aware or unconscious state. Of course, images come in a heightened state of awareness, but we call those visions or daydreams – they are closely linked, the mind being the factor that binds.

“Now, the wandering of the mind can be wishful thinking, a fantasy conjured, which is either helpful or harmful, because it has effect on wakeful activities. If the subject is unhappy, conjuring a better-life fantasy may provide inner peace and the confidence to achieve it, but it may also spiral the mind into a state of depression when the subjects wakes to find it unreal. In much the same way dreams of the perfect mate has an up and a down side – ask me, I know about that. But … all right.


“Dreams are problem solvers, particularly effective for those niggling matters of daily existence, and are generally direct, the trick being to recall solutions before dreams fade on waking. I’d say those are most frequent, and includes psyche symbolism. For instance, a person feeling smothered by those around him would dream of drowning, so his unconscious is prompting a change, to take control again. Unluckily, they are largely ignored. The mind can also take one into a comfort zone, the place or time one felt most content, like childhood or an enjoyable picnic with loved ones, and on waking one is refreshed. Your mind is thus also your healer.

“In much the same way you may recall a lost loved one and the images of familiarity may aid you in the future, approval given for living on – better than grief and guilt. Often it’s the strength of your mind, and your memories, which determines which road to take – positive or negative.

“Then there is the linked dream. This type is generally related to past incidences, an event, forgotten or relegated to memory as solved, no longer pertinent, then abruptly those results from the past come forward to play a new role, leaving the subject confused. Dreaming the link brings it back into focus. Those are rare, a force only when the past is deliberately locked away.

“Now we come to the opposite – external images, not a result of personal experience or memory. Often these are confused with fantasy, where fantasy isn’t wishful thinking but fairy tale, the latter being unattainable utopia or, horribly, nightmare wanderings of a disturbed psyche. Dreams can be good, comfortable or a nightmare, and everything I said applies to the latter also.”

Lucan paused and noticed Tristan studying his hands with great attention and Torrullin covertly watching the boy. Well, now he knew why they were here. He drew breath and delved into the inexact science of external dreams.


“Those without magic are unaware of the power of the ether and don’t realise all is connected by that invisible force. A dreamer on Pilan, one who believes himself both unique and alone in the universe, may dream one night of, say, a Centuar, and on waking won’t know he made a connection to the encompassing power of the ether. Either he’ll declare he had a godly visitation, an acceptable explanation for him and his people, or he’ll believe it a hallucination, possibly a nightmare, and will shy away.

“In this way, shamans of ancient peoples used hallucinogenic substances to enter the realm of the ether to see visions, and exit without a clear understanding of what was seen, calling it symbolism, unravelling it to fit known reality. External dreams emanate from that place.

“There are three main types. Images from other worlds, images from other times and the symbolism of sorcerers, the latter hard to explain, and a combination of any two is frightening for an untrained or unprepared mind. Again, one isn’t limited to nocturnal hours; one may not even be asleep.”

Lucan paused. “My Lord, you could have told him this.”

“Not when I dream as he does.”



Wings of Shadow

Elianas raised his arms high and flung his head back. His dark hair trailed downward and his great Shadow Wings soared out.

They were beautiful.

A Siric held glory in wings, a Centuar arrogant style, and many other races likewise proved their worth in wings, some feathered, others scaled and others more leathery, while a few were mere decoration, a prettiness that was useless.

The avian species, naturally, used their wings as a necessary tool, and beauty and prettiness was immaterial to that, and therefore was their beauty the greater.

Elianas’ wings, as Torrullin’s, were something unique. They were created by personality, by will, by power, by desire and by necessity. They were there to be utilized and were thus beautiful in practicality. They were beautiful too in the power their creation implied. Yet it was in substance where true mastery lay, therefore true beauty.

Shadow Wings were exactly that, shadow. They were not tangible, yet could be seen. They were not real, yet could beat the air and be felt in the movement of disturbed currents. They were because they had been made in the imagination.

Wings of power.

Elianas flapped his wings out, held them wide, and for a brief time the whole of all universes held a collective breath. In his hands then lay great power, the clay to shape every future … and he turned his back on it.

THE ECHOLONE MINE9c084c9ebbd468d336e14f7ddcf35d6a

Age of the Q’lin’la

Quilla stood, clasped his hands into a cradle.

“How old do you think we are, my friends? I attempted to calculate the vast period and am defeated in the task. We are ancient, prehistoric, pre-everything in this universe, and as such have learned to take the long view. We regard time as something invented by those who cannot grasp its true nature. They think linear, therefore they tally linear, their lives too short to take note of the curve. We see it as an element that has no beginning or end, for it is an eternal circle, tiny and gigantic simultaneously. It is, was, will be, and then beyond, and we ride the curve. How do you put a number to that? An instant is forever and forever is an instant. Time can be distorted, stilled, hastened ahead, and change nothing or change everything. It is its own master.”