The Worlds of Lore and the Author

A few words from the author today!

The Lore Series has been the ultimate mission, and to that end the main story is now complete. 3 separate series, yes, but all part of the whole, ending with the 12th volume, The Master Mechanism.

And yet, there is more to say.


Firstly, much was taken out of the grander tale in the interest of a smooth reading experience, and those inserts served as a greater backstory to enrich the telling. I knew, and could therefore draw on them to flesh out the story. These inserts are now being collated as short stories, and will be published one by one. They are not integral to LORE, but you may find the extras intriguing.

The LORE Short Story Series! 

4 shorts stories are ready, the first of which has just been published (see next post!)

So far:

The Rainbows of Pilan

The Life-Wheels of Pendulim

The History of Ardosia

The Wolves of Valaris


Secondly, having completed the series, I realised certain characters have their own tale, and the moment I thought that … an added new series was born 🙂

LORE Worlds Series!

One full volume is finished and the second is underway. As soon as the cover art is complete, I will tell you more.

So far:

EURUE – The Forgotten World

FAROCHIN – The Terraformed World

Here’s hoping you will come with me on these journeys also!



In the Realm of the Dispossessed

“How do I open it?” Sabian asked, rolling the metal orb over.

“Drop it,” Elianas muttered, staring fixedly at the sphere.

Sabian dropped it.

Torrullin stepped away a pace, a mask slipping over his face.

The petals appeared as expected and there the green sparking commenced.

Sabian leaned over it. “Intriguing. My experience tells me of wisps of white smoke, sometimes colourful flower designs, but a moving sphere is quite rare. One cannot usually see souls; it is more a sense of sight. This one is pretty established.” He looked up. “It is either long held, in which case, innocent or not, it will be most unhappy, or it is newly harvested and therefore still maintains clear presence.”

Neither man said a word in response.

Sabian shrugged and kneeled. “I shall now breathe on it.”

Torrullin cleared his throat. “Breathe? As simple as that?”

“My ancient breath was not given me via simplicity, Torrullin.”

“True.” Torrullin swallowed. “Go ahead.”

Sabian leaned in close. Elianas abruptly hunkered to see more clearly, while Torrullin remained unmoving. Sabian blew on the swirling emerald orb. Torrullin became as stone. He understood he now guarded his heart against whatever came next. The kneeling man opened his mouth wide and exhaled forcefully.

The spinning ceased.

Sparks snuffed out.

Elianas braced with hands flat on the ground beside him.

The circular shape curved outward and then elongated into an impossibly thin thread reaching into the sky. Green sprinkles erupted as if exploding, and then they vanished. The metal device disintegrated, until only dull glitters remained.

“Direct to Aaru,” Sabian murmured, sitting back.



The Master Mechanism

It’s finally up!


While I wanted to wait until all the Lore covers have been updated before releasing this, the final volume, I’ve had too many queries from loyal readers about when – when? – will it be available, and decided to do so.

The Master mechanism is on pre-order until July 20 for a mere 99c. Do grab your copy now, while I update the covers! Serendipity and synchronicity may just allow us to have it all coming together at the same time 🙂

mech on pre order

Available on Amazon 

Noble Enemy and Evil Foe

So I’m sitting here and thinking about enemies. Not mine (hope I don’t have any!) but the enemies that populate tales of all kinds.

Having mentioned before how I deal with the classic concept of having a Dark Lord in my series, I thought I’d do a post about the antagonists in Lore.

A list, not a massive expose (an expose will take an entire book!)


The four Arcana books concentrate on Margus, the Darak Or, and his soltakin army, and Infinity, the dara-witch, and her darklings.

PhotoFunia-1498050068 (2)

The four Reaume books are about Neolone, Dragon, and the return of an enemy believed killed in the Arcana series.

my name is neolone

The four Sanctum books are a little more complicated, but the main antagonists are the Warlock of Digilan and the Timekeeper.


Enemies in fiction are great to write about! With them you are able to let go. We will be expounding (only a little!) about each of these, but meanwhile grab yourself a copy of THE INFINITY MANTLE for only 99c and begin this epic journey!

The Nemesis Blade

The first new cover for Lore of Sanctum!

Elaina Lore of Sanctum 1 (2)

Torrullin’s sanctuary is invaded by a desperate call through the spaces. Someone has stolen the Xenian seer Lowen Dalrish, and he suspects it is Agnimus, the draithen who nearly annihilated his world and then vanished without a trace.

It is time for Elixir to stand forth. Time demands it of him.

Meanwhile three Valla heirs await the rising of the Valleur Throne; only one will be chosen as Vallorin. When a prophecy is uncovered about Three Kingdoms and rumours of an army secretly building to prevent it, Torrullin realises the three heirs to the Throne are in danger, for the warmongers believe he will carve out three kingdoms, one for each heir.

It is time to deploy Nemesis, the mighty blade forged of two, of both darak and lumin.

As activity becomes frenetic in the spaces, the dark man of Torrullin’s visions and dreams stirs and becomes aware of the newness in the ether. He now seeks release from his long incarceration. He knows how to find the missing seer; more than that, he is the catalyst to releasing long-suppressed memory.

It is time for Torrullin’s Nemesis to stand forth. His name is Elianas.


Colourful Expletives

When I first penned Lore of Arcana (Yes, penned! Pen and scrap paper was how it all started!), I wrote it with the word ‘fuck’ in its various guises. When initially published, it went to press as is.

Later, though, in the interests of a more general readership, the f-word was taken out, replaced with other colourful expletives, and holds true for the four Lore of Arcana volumes and the four Lore of Reaume.

The last four books (Lore of Sanctum) do have them swear words. If you have read to the point of picking up The Nemesis Blade (Sanctum 1), you will understand the agony and anger, and will no doubt agree some emotions are better expressed using a decent f-word. Lore of Sanctum is much darker than what went before, and also has a few surprises I refuse to reveal – absolutely knowledge those in the know will, well, know after having undertaken the journey.

This, therefore, is a head’s-up. When you get to Nemesis, know it gets brutal, raw, and so much more. In a manner I did not envision, Lore of Sanctum is the pay-off, a reward for readers who ‘grew up’ with this Lore Series. Conversely, it is also very bright, because it is about sanctum, after all, which is both sanctuary and sacred space.


Another head’s-up: The final book of this epic series is about to be put up on pre-order. Cover reveal coming soon!

Wings of Shadow

Elianas raised his arms high and flung his head back. His dark hair trailed downward and his great Shadow Wings soared out.

They were beautiful.

A Siric held glory in wings, a Centuar arrogant style, and many other races likewise proved their worth in wings, some feathered, others scaled and others more leathery, while a few were mere decoration, a prettiness that was useless.

The avian species, naturally, used their wings as a necessary tool, and beauty and prettiness was immaterial to that, and therefore was their beauty the greater.

Elianas’ wings, as Torrullin’s, were something unique. They were created by personality, by will, by power, by desire and by necessity. They were there to be utilized and were thus beautiful in practicality. They were beautiful too in the power their creation implied. Yet it was in substance where true mastery lay, therefore true beauty.

Shadow Wings were exactly that, shadow. They were not tangible, yet could be seen. They were not real, yet could beat the air and be felt in the movement of disturbed currents. They were because they had been made in the imagination.

Wings of power.

Elianas flapped his wings out, held them wide, and for a brief time the whole of all universes held a collective breath. In his hands then lay great power, the clay to shape every future … and he turned his back on it.

THE ECHOLONE MINE9c084c9ebbd468d336e14f7ddcf35d6a

The Falcon Isles

In The Sleeper Sword a curious place is unveiled, a Flatland with seasons, and first amongst the territories is the Falcon Isles:

The Falcon Isles were a glory to behold. In full colourful spring bloom the fertile land was alive and awake. Farmland sprouted green and herds of cattle, sheep and goats fed off lush new growth. Little cottages nestled in folds, stood prettily beside clear streams and rivers, and lovely hamlets dotted the meandering landscape.

Further afield large tracts were forested, evergreen pines for the most part, but also stately oaks, elms and chestnuts. Plantations of wattle, sugar cane and tea flew past beneath the belly of the swift flyer.


Still further, large herds of wild buffalo and antelope roamed newly greened plains, and eagles, herons, vultures, hawks, wild geese and other smaller waterfowl vied for space along the shores of natural emerald lakes. Small mountains were draped in the lace of countless waterfalls and in their privacy wolves played in abandon and great cats climbed the heights with majestic solemnity.

They came to the ocean and it was a frightening thing. Gunmetal grey, movement that knew no tides, it clashed constant, contrary breakers and was soundless. That was the scariest, the lack of sound when there was so much action. It was sobering, entirely alien, and Tial turned the craft to hug the coast.

Both averted gazes from the water to look upon the land.

Long stretches of brown beach were followed by immense cliffs. In some areas the land wound down green and smooth to meet the water and sometimes the cliffs were black, then white. Gulls flew noisily and swooped into the sea, but did not dwell there. Other than birds nobody fished these waters and no one lived close to it. The first signs of habitation began inland.


Tial shrugged at Torrullin’s raised eyebrows, and headed inland.

Peace returned and it was appreciated more after the strangeness of the ocean. They over-flew the once doomed lands of the Enforcer enclave, now more wholesome and glorious than its neighbours, and entered the flower counties. Bluebell, Primrose, Daffodil, Violet, Petunia and Rose, more, and from their bird’s eye view it was clear why the counties were named thus. In the few days since Torrullin’s arrival the bulbs and bushes transformed from dormant into vibrant showmanship and the counties were awash in colour.

Tial then took them to the other side of the isles, east, west, depending on your view, and slowed over what was once a broad swath of land connecting the severed land to the gigantic landmasses in the distance.

Here they did pause to study the forbidding ocean, but when Torrullin asked whether they wanted the submerged land bridge restored, Tial shook his head in definitive denial. The Falcon Isles were self-sufficient, he said, and inhabited by peace-loving peoples – not so elsewhere.

Tial turned the craft, leaving without a backward glance.