The Inimitable Dark Lord

Our tales need an enemy.

It may be the characters’ own dark thoughts. It could be a terrible stepmother, or a tyrant in the workplace. A bloodthirsty creature in the woods near a small town or a virus about to decimate the world.

Yes, our tales need an enemy!

In Fantasy the ‘Dark Lord’ scenario is often used and it is true here a GREAT enemy drives the story onward.


When I started writing the LORE series there was a Dark Lord, but I soon grew bored with him.

He is still there, but he isn’t called the dark lord (he has a much better title!) and he doesn’t perpetuate evil for the sake of evil. He has very good reasons for his choices, although his manipulations are on a grander scale than a man sitting alone and plotting evil upon his neighbour would achieve.

Also, as the story progresses, there is a chance you might even sympathise with him, and in the future you may even come to encourage him into choosing a new path.

Soon I will tell you about Margus …

You must be wondering what Margus looks like!

lore meme

Oh, Wise One

You will meet Aven in The Infinity Mantle. The token wizard, you ask? The older man who swoops in to save the day?

While Aven is a mentor to Rayne, he is more a father figure, and they fight as father and son would … in fact, they really clash heads!

There is no wizard to save the day when all else fails in the Lore series. The characters have to sort their issues out themselves. You will love Aven, though; he takes no nonsense!

worlds 16

Read more about Rayne here.

Orphan and/or Chosen

Yes, it is true many fantasy series include an orphan who becomes something or someone greater than the circumstances of his or her life determines at the point the tale begins.

Or the ‘chosen one’ may be from a family in dire need. Perhaps someone is whisked away into another realm and has to stand up in order to return home.

Many will say the above is ‘cliche’ , while others will talk about ‘heroic fiction’. It depends entirely on the readers viewpoint. From a writer’s POV, it either works or it doesn’t.


There is an orphan within the pages of ARCANA (there’s the ‘cliche’) but you will meet her as an adult. While she certainly has a mighty role, she may be someone other than the ‘chosen’.

If you read between these cliche lines, there is, point of fact, someone else you need to focus on – Rayne. Rayne chooses himself, in fact, and is a flawed individual. Love or hate him (an emotional conundrum the orphan struggles with), he is the glue.

When you have met Rayne, do let us know whether you love or hate him!

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Prophecy or Destiny?

Fantasy is by nature about destiny and fate and the great and grand designs, and I believe one cannot entirely avoid inserting a telling a two to create an air of both mystery and expectation.

I do, however, understand that knowing what will happen is not optimum for readers. How did I avoid revealing too much?

I do not reveal the prophecy until after it’s fulfilled, and then I employ the fulfilling to explain how much the characters have grown. Prophecy thus flows in with the tale … and creates Destiny.

And now I break my own rule in revealing one to you!

changeling prophecy

Symbols are Power

Every tale has power. Every symbol possesses strength. Put the two together and threads of either enlightenment or tendrils of darkness emerge.

Every book in the Lore of Arcana, Reaume and Sanctum has its own symbol and, indeed, power is conferred.


Each symbol will be unveiled as this epic unfolds. Do come back; the LORE Series is about nuance, and you cannot miss one.