… that the final Ancient Terra books are live! YES!!

You all know I have been writing the final instalment for this series (one of the reasons I was somewhat scarce here), but something strange happened. See, Avaelyn was meant to be book 4, following on from EurueFarochin and Lykandir … but it grew and grew and grew, until it went over 350k words. Given the style of the series, that would have meant three books of around 130k-ish and one massive final volume, and this didn’t suit, in my opinion. So, TWO books ends up finishing the series! Avaelyn and Avior! While they are part of the same story, each focuses on one part of the whole, and that meant the massive volume could be split. This means the style of the series remains as I envisioned it (with 5 books now rather than 4!). Eurue, Farochin and Lykandir are standalone, but the final two are meant to be read sequentially.

So, without further ado, here’s how the completed series appears (the omnibus will be available soon):

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