A sign of life

Animals in the Lore series: I have mentioned Jess, but this time it’s a lone dog and his appearance is a sign of that maybe, just maybe, someone still lives …

Breathless, she stopped. She wanted to scream at him, but he was right again. She needed to find someone, anyone. Please, let there be someone.

They moved forward, creeping up the steps that linked the terraces, stopping often to listen. They neared the hut, crept around to the rear to peer through a window and fell back in fright, but it was only the dog inside that put up frantic barking at faces peering through the window.

Unless the dog was not frightened of whatever may yet be in the area, they could probably assume it was safe. They peered again and this time the animal watched them with wagging tail. There was no one inside. Flies buzzed around half-made dough on the kitchen table.

They crept from hut to hut, the dog trailing them, and grew bolder as they went. They found nothing, no one, except evidence of hasty departure everywhere. They began talking loudly, making a noise, preferring it to the unnatural silence, and hoped the sound of their voices would lure out of hiding any frightened person. Dogs started barking and that, too, they found good, but no one came to them; nobody was left to come out.

On the fourth terrace, near the gate into the second enclosure, Kisha stopped. “I can’t take any more.” The Kinfire Tree

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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