House of Valla

DANTIAN, DANTE and VARELIE are the last royals of the House of Valla on Ardosia, the world the Valleur settled beyond the Rift. Dantian is Vallorin and Dante is his brother; Dante is also Varelie’s father. They become aware that great darkness is about to descend upon them (Margus), but cannot prevent it. Varelie, in her dreams, calls to a stranger for help … and if you read this part of The Infinity Mantle‘s blurb, you may get an idea as to who she calls to:

‘Rayne meanwhile dreams of a little girl from another world desperate for help and cannot fathom how, until he meets the Guardians in the Great Forest of Valaris. When they reveal the presence of a tear in space, Rayne realises he is being gathered to fulfil his destiny …

And on Ardosia a little girl awakes from a nightmare, screaming, “It will all burn, daddy!”’


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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