AVERROES is a shy young woman. Much trauma lies in her past, trauma she has suppressed to the degree that she remembers only finding herself in a dilapidated room as a child and knowing she needed to escape from there immediately. During that escape she finds a medallion at the foot of the stairs, and later this shiny coin will come to mean much. She is rescued as a teenager from the terror on the streets of Galilan by Aven, and in his care begins to blossom.

We meet her in Farinwood in Aven’s home and she still has the medallion. She becomes part of the mission because of it.

Averroes is central to the longer story. She nearly drowns when a ship sinks. She dreams of a throne and a golden man. In time she walks the corridors of an underground habitat and discovers her past there, and that leads to massive change. She is also connected to Rayne in a manner that will certainly impact the future for everyone.

While I would love to tell you what happens to Averroes, doing so will spoil the surprises, but writing about this broken girl becoming a strong woman was a treat. I am sure you will like her as much as I do!


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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