What is duality?

It is the two sides to each of us. On a good day we smile, on a bad day we growl. A simple answer, yes, and a simplification of the state. We are, after all, simple folk.

True duality comes with great events, and accident of birth or long years. The kind no simplification works for.


Long years is easy; give someone enough time and time will reveal the two sides in all, including the inner war.

An accident of birth curses society with the sociopath, the one able to smile on the surface while feeling nothing. Hmm, perhaps that isn’t duality.

Great events, now, is something more. A soul, a heart, a mind is forced into choices, and in the aftermath the questions lead to illumination; ‘I am two people, I must be, to do this and then that because my mind tells me to, while my heart denies every action.’

Arun, Druid of Apanthus

From The Dragon Circle

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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