Taranis: Guardian

TARANIS is the leader of the Guardians in the Dome. That is the fantastical part of his persona in the LORE series; a human who met the conditions in order to become something astonishing – an immortal.

Due to his human history, Taranis was perfectly suited to fight for Valaris when Infinity and her son Drasso attempted to conquer it in the past, and his abilities led to him becoming leader of guardians that includes the winged Siric, the flamboyant Centuar, the huge, green Sagorin, and the graceful Sylmer. In a crystal edifice dancing in vacuum, the Guardians meet. Again, in the present, Taranis is prepared to fight Infinity.


But Taranis is more than a Dome leader. He is, before all else, human, and suffers the same emotional traumas. Taranis has always been reserved and guards his privacy. As the tale progresses we realise this is due to grief over a woman he believes abandoned him in his past, and later we learn of the horror that befell him as a young boy. Once back on Valaris, he can no longer hide his true nature. We discover he is, in fact, connected to Valaris is a manner no one in the Dome even guessed about and no history of Valaris records.

As reader, I feel both sorry for Taranis (the man will lose so much!) and cheer him on all the time (he is a good man), but for the writer side of me, Taranis is quite the character. His emotions serve to drive a fair few situations, and he certainly knows how to keep a secret!

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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