Rayne of the Mantle

RAYNE, as leader of the Mantle on Valaris, wielder of the Maghdim Medaillon, is paramount to the entire LORE series. The Infinity Mantle begins with Rayne travelling to Farinwood. He is looking for the means to stop the witch Infinity’s campaign of revenge, and hopes to find his mentor Aven still alive in the town now overcome with unnatural mist.

The lore centres around Rayne. This man, however, was raised in a society that hates anything magical. That hatred extends to even an inspiring sunset and Valaris is therefore suppressed in its freedom, but for wielders of magic it is far worse. Even a rumour of power will see a man or woman hung from the nearest tree, and vigilantism flourishes despite calls from government to bring these ‘criminals’ to trial.


Rayne is unwilling in his power as a result, and yet the Mantle is about sorcery. Every time he ventures outside, he looks over his shoulder, he wonders when the rope will twist around his neck; is it any wonder he is unwilling? Upholding his cover as a binder of books is something he doesn’t always adhere to, because he is impatient with subterfuge.

But in Farinwood the Medaillon waits for him, and he is forced to use it. This device is old and has a history that will only become clearer later, and yet the Mantle knew enough about its power so that they understood they needed sorcerers available, in the event. Rayne, as a two year old, was brought into the Mantle, because magic wielders recognise it in others; Rayne, when he reached an age where he understood what was happening to him, also then discovered it was far too late to bow out.

He was abandoned, adopted, his father accuses him of being a dreamer, his mother is distant, and he rarely sees his sister because he needs to protect her from his truth. Gradually Rayne is gathered in until he is revealed as a powerful man with powerful ancestry. But he is angry. Where is his choice in this? He also dreams of a faraway world and cannot understand how it is possible. He dreams of a little girl there – My name is Mitrill! – and she calls to him for help. With those desperate dreams plaguing him and the needs of his world demanding action of him, while battling his past, Rayne is volatile and contradictory.

One of the most pertinent questions asked is, “Is he friend or foe?” And that answer will determine all.


Still, this is a man with depth, and he’s good to look at, too. His fair hair and grey eyes draw the eye, and his lean strength inspires confidence. Rayne is an enigma and in the fullness of the series he will call himself a prince among demons, and yet … all is not what it seems.

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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