For Love of Elianas

Teroux closed his eyes. “I swear to vanish into obscurity somewhere, ignoring the demands my father makes, if …” His eyes snapped open, but he said no more.

“If?” Torrullin growled.

Rose lifted her head.

“One kiss, Elianas. It is all I ask,” Teroux whispered.

Elianas felt how Torrullin’s gaze flicked to him, awaiting his reaction.

Teroux reached out, clutched Elianas’ hand. His thumb smoothed the flesh there. “Please. I will disappear, you have my word.”

He shuddered inside, but Elianas removed his hand gently from the desperate clasp. Torrullin gaze fixated on him, he felt it. Elianas stood and then stared down at Teroux.

“You have not understood. I cannot kiss you, despite your promise. As much as it would ease the situation, it is not …”

Teroux hurtled to his feet.

Thank all gods Torrullin could move fast. The man stood between them in a heartbeat. “I suggest you stop now, Teroux. Elianas has the right to his choices and you are not among those.”

“One kiss,” Teroux whispered.

Both men stared at him nonplussed.

Teroux snarled, waved a hand, and vanished.



Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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