A timedancer split the strands.

He saw hexagons in spheres and rectangles in spirals. He heard time as a tick-tick-tick in the fabric of vacuum. Every contradiction had a place and all was in sync with the stones of the ether.

It did not make sense.

space warp

It made every kind of sense.

Tannil smirked as he bowed over his hands in the geographic centre of the stone dwelling upon Avaelyn. It was a circular tower topped with a pyramid carved from an emerald. Hidden from view amid the rocks of the mountain behind, it allowed green light to filter through into a darker region of the natural dwelling.


He closed his eyes and whispered upon the silence. He entwined his fingers to form the lattice of coercion and blew gently upon the rising manipulation he cupped between his palms.

Too easy, Torrullin. I wish you were less involved with your emotions and more in tune with the factors of time and sorcery; that would be a challenge worth pursuing.

Ah, well. Sometimes easy was best.


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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