Reading Order Summary :)

Because most of us don’t have the patience for multiple posts (am admittedly guilty of this too), here’s the short version of Lore’s reading order:


1. The Infinity Mantle

2. The Kinfire Tree

3. The Drowned Throne

4. The Dragon Circle


1. The Kallanon Scales

2. The Nemesin Star

3. The Sleeper Sword

4. The Dreamer Stones


1. The Nemesis Blade

2. The Echolone Mine

3. The Nowhere Sphere

The Master Mechanism


As this is a no fuss post, we’re not adding links all over 🙂 but do go to the dedicated pages for more information, or click on ‘A for Reading Order’ in the category list for details.

Thanks, and here’s to you joining me on this epic and visionary adventure!




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