The 2 D’s

A connection on twitter sent me this message about the Lore of Arcana books:


I replied that I don’t mind the nitpick at all, but it got me to thinking. Looking at the covers together, I saw what he meant:

31 (2)

If only we can put ourselves way ahead of the game, or at least give ourselves enough distance, in order to view the little things, the overlooked things! Looking at it now, The Drowned Throne would probably be tweaked to avoid the double D. Why ‘Drowned’ and not ‘Dragon’? Because The Dragon Circle cannot be called anything but, while the throne could be submerged, lost, or something …

As writers in the throes of writing, then naming our books, publishing them, often we overlook the synchronicity. Lesson learned!

Thank you, Louis, for drawing my attention to this (glad you like the covers!), for it gives me an opportunity to not only ‘see’ better, but also I am able to pass this on to other authors as an insight 🙂


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