Colourful Expletives

When I first penned Lore of Arcana (Yes, penned! Pen and scrap paper was how it all started!), I wrote it with the word ‘fuck’ in its various guises. When initially published, it went to press as is.

Later, though, in the interests of a more general readership, the f-word was taken out, replaced with other colourful expletives, and holds true for the four Lore of Arcana volumes and the four Lore of Reaume.

The last four books (Lore of Sanctum) do have them swear words. If you have read to the point of picking up The Nemesis Blade (Sanctum 1), you will understand the agony and anger, and will no doubt agree some emotions are better expressed using a decent f-word. Lore of Sanctum is much darker than what went before, and also has a few surprises I refuse to reveal – absolutely knowledge those in the know will, well, know after having undertaken the journey.

This, therefore, is a head’s-up. When you get to Nemesis, know it gets brutal, raw, and so much more. In a manner I did not envision, Lore of Sanctum is the pay-off, a reward for readers who ‘grew up’ with this Lore Series. Conversely, it is also very bright, because it is about sanctum, after all, which is both sanctuary and sacred space.


Another head’s-up: The final book of this epic series is about to be put up on pre-order. Cover reveal coming soon!

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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