Passion is Varied

It is a known truth that people vary in appearance, personality, goals, ambitions, character, desires, culture, creed, religion, temperament, intelligence, acceptance of system, government, others, in prejudice and fairness.


Passion set people apart. Every sentient had a passion, even the lazy man; his passion was doing as little as possible. The mean-spirited, his passion was hurting others; the charitable soul loved helping those less fortunate. The academic, knowledge; a writer, words; a mother, her children; the scientist, order; the priest, love of his deity; a road builder, satisfaction of a job well done; a gardener, nature; the poor man, security; the rich man, more wealth; a beggar, change … and so forth.

 * A snippet from The Echolone Mine *

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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