Homeworld and Heartworld

The Land of Skies

The four Lore of Arcana books are set largely on Valaris, a world isolated.

Although we do visit Ardosia, Thisseldrum and Pendulim, Valaris is homeworld and heartworld, a blue jewel in the fabric of bright space and time. One continent and thousands of islands make up the available land, a paradise of contrasts. From ice to desert, from high peak to rivers deep, from ocean to forest, Valaris is special.

No wonder, then, so many covet it.


I will tell you more about Valaris, but know it is an intricate society, with FESTIVALS AND HOLIDAYS, as well as public events, such as:

National day of Remembrance

National Day of Birth and Registration

A Referendum is often held in conjunction with the Day of Registration

Voting for leaders occurs every sixth year on a specially announced day

Both Solstices and Equinoxes are generally celebrated

New Moon and Full Moon celebrations

New Year and Yuletide

Spring Festival

Harvest Festival

Bards and Tales

Three-Day Moon Prayers

Valaris’ moon is blue and the subject of much mythology

Politically, Valarians have a democratic SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, and leaders are voted in every sixth year. Each town, city and community has a Mayor and a council. The Mayors elect one individual to run the country Рthe Electan Рand he or she has a ruling council. The ruling council writes into law new governance or repeals outdated ones. The law is upheld by a force of Lawmen Рthey go by different names at different times.


Valaris has a policy of FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and the following are the main players of both past and present:



Followers of the Prophet Monchalar

Followers of the Deity Taranis

Order of Continuity

Various others have come and gone over time, and are footnotes in history, and others will come and go as time progresses.


An interesting world, with characters you will see yourself in … until the invaders arrive, and you realise all is definitely not as first appearances and insights reveal. Valaris is SPECIAL.

Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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