A Forbidden Zone; a creepy enemy

“It’s a massive structure, many solar systems, many galaxies, heavenly bodies, and much debris as in rogue asteroids, broken spaceships, platforms, stations, the majority destroyed by the Mysor. It moves continually and at phenomenal speed. As far as I know, the Mysor inhabit a number of worlds and strong forces are deployed at the outer perimeter to prevent incursion. They don’t like intruders, are evil, but keep to their system.” Gren looked to Bartholamu. “The Siric know more.”


Bartholamu said, “Llettynn went in alone. Llettynn never left stones in place. He wanted to know and thus looked. He captured the Mysor we tested with the transmutation ritual twenty-odd years ago – none of us wanted to do so. He presented us with graphic accounts.”

“The Zone worlds differ greatly,” Bartholamu went on. “Some are arid and lifeless and others are paradise. Llettynn never mentioned a race resident but Mysor, but it’s a huge space.”

“Tell us about the Mysor,” Torrullin prompted.


“Soulless, avaricious, always hungry.”

“What do they look like? How do they move? What of sorcery? Star-travel?”

“They are arachnids. Mysor is a Siric word, it means harvestmen. A two-fold meaning in that they constantly reap the bleaker – bulb, flower, stalk, juice and seed – and they look like the innocuous daddy-long-legs spider. Small bodies compared to their long legs, claw-like mouths, simple eyes, no antenna. Some are dark brown, others are white and yet others are near transparent. Your guess is as good as mine as to pecking order. They have exoskeleton, hard as rock. They move incredibly fast and spit gigantic webs. Although they have destroyed ships, I do not think they thought to use or duplicate them.”


“Why do you think they remain isolated?”

The Siric shrugged. “They can be killed, immobilised by tipping them over. As nasty as they are they would be no match for concerted effort.”


Author: theloreseries

Reader and writer of the extraordinary.

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