To have or not to have (backstory)

History tells the tale too

Hello, reader and friend! If you are about to read The Infinity Mantle, the first book in this epic series, you will be crossing time and space, and delving into unseen realms as well, and this means it’s a BIG story.


Why am I telling you this? Because some reviewers have stated there is too much backstory (although that was before a major streamlining!), and I would like to clear that up for you before you begin this epic journey with me. Yes, there is some backstory, but all is imperative in aiding understanding. I have read Fantasy epics all my reading life, and I know the situation behind the scenes forms part of the milieu. The ‘history’ aids understanding, or the tale ends up shallow, without the layering a good story peels away.


You will begin this read by meeting Rayne, McSee, Aven and Averroes, and also briefly the clans in the north, as well as Infinity, the dara-witch, but there is more. Another thread follows Kylan and Kisha through the Great Forest, and soon you will meet the Guardians of the Dome (and you simply must know who and what they are). The  back and forth between what is happening in the Dome and the discoveries Kisha and Kylan make in the Great Forest, will, if you’re anything like me when it comes to reading, cause you to wonder when you will return to the main story-line! As mentioned, this is the beginning of an EPIC tale, and these inserts promote the grander weave. Read carefully; all comes into play as the story unfolds.

Taranis as Deity – Order of Taranis

You will also wonder if a game is enough reason to die for (and read on for), until you comprehend this ‘game’ is but one move on a board such as only imagination can wholly grasp. The stakes are immense … but I’ll let you discover this nuance yourself!

And then, lo, we go somewhere else entirely! Beyond a Rift between realms, to encounter another civilisation. What happens there is SUPER important; this has impact throughout the four Lore of Arcana books. It sets the stage for everything. Then, just when you think you’re safe, just when you believe you know the main enemy, I present to you someone far worse. This guy will turn the entire story on its head!


By Chapter 12 you are back on Valaris where you met Rayne, and the gathering is about to commence and soon all threads are wound together, and the great tale unfolds for you. I know you will, with hindsight, appreciate this introduction. I know you will thank me for instilling within you, perseverance. And, hopefully, I have set in motion shivers of anticipation, thrills of expectation, and a gleeful desire to immerse yourself in The Infinity Mantle.

Happy reading!

Elaina J. Davidson

Elaina Lore of Arcana 1 The Infinity Mantle (2)



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